Urgent intervention to Eva Henger: the shocking news live

Published on Nov 05, 2018

Eva Henger is a former Island of the Famous that has made itself heard. The actress is hard for a health problem, which should be as soon as an operation

Today in the afternoon, Eva Henger was a guest on the program of channel 5's “Sunday Live”, presented by Barbara D'urso. During the interview the Henger has declared that is obliged to be operated of urgency. The mother of Mercedes Henger said that going through a difficult time because of an error committed by the surgeon.

Eva Henger, when he was a contestant in the program “L'isola dei famosi” – conducted by the wonderful Alessia Marcuzzi– the actress was noticed to have a sketch to the level of the breast, which immediately got spooked. Initially, the ex-girl has thought it was a cyst and that once back to Italy could ask a doctor to remove it surgically.

However, it was not a cyst: the problem was the implant that had entered that necessarily needed to be replaced. In those years, however could not undergo any surgery because she was pregnant.

Eva Henger has then pointed out to the presenter of Sunday Live during the reality with the Marcuzzi she was aware of a suspect sketch in the breast:

“When I was at the Island of the Famous, I realised I am have a sketch on the breast, I immediately thought of a bad thing. Then they told me that it was a problem of prosthesis".

The Henger has also said that the implants were recognized as foreign by the body and for that reason had to be replaced.Eva added:

"At least there are no tumors. The intervention must, however, be done in a hurry. I do yoga and now I can't do some movements with the arm".

In short, a bad experience which proved fortunately to be solvable. Nothing serious, with a simple operation Eva will solve the problem.

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