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Published on Nov 28, 2019


Luca Enoch, there has until now offered and opened the way to various worlds of fantasy. We speak of the creator of Dragonero, of an author who, thus, finds in the fantasy its greatest expression. But, at the same time, Enoch has provided with series such as Lilith and Gea the female characters of great depth. All these elements are present in Upside down.

This is a comic that crosses fantasy and reality in a more adult manner, but at the same time calandola within a history of training.

Upside down is a new proposal of the Sergio Bonelli Editore. In this first book of Enoch introduces the history of Giorgia and Alessandro, two young who meet unexpectedly one day to live an unreal experience: gravity, for all living beings, is reversed. Men, animals, water, everything that is alive “falls” upwards and disappears in the sky. Where to, nobody knows. For those who has survived, is the beginning of a terrible nightmare.

The two protagonists find themselves so to live together in a tough experience, but at the same time very exciting, full of drama, mystery, and the desire to live. The mystery concerns the ascensionisti, and the fact that there are people who are not “ascended” into heaven. The path of Giorgia and Alessandro has just started, and will be full of adventures.

Enoch walks away and then by the atmosphere pure fantasy of Dragonero, and is the closest to the style of Lilith, and Gea. Because the main feature of the characters in Upside down is the fact of having a language which is more mature, realistic, and vulgar. This is a plus point for a story that, thanks to these features, it manages to be even more alive for the reader.

In particular the character of the young Giorgia is reminiscent of the female protagonists of other comics made by Enoch: it's about a girl which is honest and true, and in his own way, definitely with a strong personality.

Enoch has proposed a something new for Sergio Bonelli editore (Publisher): a history of training, fell in the fantasy genre, where two teenagers clearly show their sexuality without filters. It is certainly an intriguing and innovative to the SBE.

And then there is an interesting subtext: that of an environmental story which speaks of the Earth as a planet, a sentient being, freeing of the men.

The designs of Riccardo Crosa are fresh and bold, and remind a little bit the style of Barbara Canepa. To give you even more vitality there are the colors of Paolo Francescutto.

The first volume ends with the story yet in the midst of its resolution. It was an introduction that has many interesting features, with drama and mystery to it master.

Mixing a formation history with a comic science fiction Luca Enoch has brought an important element to the inside of Sergio Bonelli, Publisher: a mature story, but of the genre, with the protagonists of young adolescents. This is a total reversal compared to series unfortunate as Creepy Past (that put at the centre giovannissimi the protagonists and the storyline is fantasy-horror lightweight), and that might have enough attention and acclaim.

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