Upside down: a game of “reverse gravity” for iPhone


Published on Dec 19, 2017


We tried an interesting title for iPhone called Upside down; a side-scrolling game with a gem on the severity of the game.

This is a title that is really interesting, made by De Blasio Corporation, to fill all the moments of emptiness of the day. Comes with the mechanics of the game are well designed and highly addictive game that allows players not to get bored.

How to play? The aim of the game is to reach the highest possible score. So we'll have to drive and blow up a sphere along a side-scrolling game. La chicca? Do not always just blow up the ball because the platforms are not all so close: you will need to reverse gravity to continue bouncing under the above. We can then bounce back by tapping the screen and when the sphere is close to the middle line, we can again touch the screen to change gravity.

We will have to try to bounce as far away as possible considering that the difficulty is increasing, and then the game will be increasingly difficult to follow with increasing speed able to get to 10x.

Not missing some of the customization possibilities of the title with different balls and different skins for the platforms.

Overall the game is very nice, good quality and carefully studied. Very good, as we said before, for the moments pause of the day. The graphics are good, essential, and well-made.

In short, there is nothing to report in the user experience. The game, clearly, can be appreciated or not, depending on the personal needs and tastes, but definitely deserves a chance.

Upside down, it weighs less than 50 mb and requires iOS 7.0 or later to work. It is also a universal app so will work both on iPhone and iPad.

Are available for free on the App Store at this address and on Google Play. For more information on the games and news of De Blasio Corporation, you can find a link to the Patreon to Instagram.

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