Upset the schedule of Rai 1: closed The evidence of the cook, and Come to me


Published on Mar 12, 2020


These days are complicated and difficult for all. And we have fully understood the tears of Caterina Balivo to Come to me, the desire to inform, and Eleonora Daniele in spite of fear for her pregnancy. The desire to bring the joy of Elisa Isoardi, with the Proof of the cook. But it is not easy for anyone. The infected people increase day by day, we are asked to give up the things of which we can do without. And we believe, as he has decided the Rai, that some of the programs you can do less in respect of all the people, not only conductive, and conductors, who are at risk, then return home by their relatives. It is clear that the close of the programmes also means we do not guarantee a salary, but the effort is all, for only fifteen days, at least for now, and hopefully that is so.

It is in this context that we find the right of the decision by Rai to close The test of a chef and Come to me. Observing the two conductors in those days, we realized how difficult it was for them to go on the air live, try to entertain in a complicated moment. The Rai chooses to waive the test of The cook, who yesterday heroically sent wave recipes with the chef in the connection from their home or from their restaurants closed. Closes also Come to me, Caterina Balivo was really at the end of his strength. Completely understandable.

So, let us see how to change the program of Rai 1 in the next few days.

Remains broadcast Unomattina, conducted live from Milan by Roberto Poletti from Rome and by Valentina Bisti, then the line will go to the Italian Stories of Eleonora Daniele and here, before new, the program will continue until 13:25, giving the line to the Tg1 of 13:30. From Friday 13 march and then The proof of the cook will be replaced by the Italian Stories.

At the end of the Tg1 of the hours of 13:30 arrives live Life, with the first part of the programme hosted as always by Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini, then, to the 15:40 back to The Paradise of the lord. Monday Come to me will not go in the wave, instead of the program of Caterina Balivo we will see, indeed, The life live in these days has informed expertly that the audience at home enjoying a good listen in the afternoon of the network.

We will then forward The legacy led by Flavio Insinna, which will be aired with unedited episodes until 22 march, then continue with the replicas. In the next few episodes, among other things, we will not see the audience, and not see even The professor.

Usual suspects will be well aired with unedited episodes until Saturday, march 14, and then continue it too of the replies.

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