Update PlayStation 4: all the new features of version 5.50

Published on Feb 09, 2018

Sony has just released the beta version of the update, the PlayStation 4, which the version of the software (now in release 5.50) is intended to offer a preview of what owners of the Sony console can expect once the update will be officially released.

Currently, the beta test update is only available for players who registered last month, however, for those who have not been able to participate in beta testing, Sony has shown the details of the new update via the blog PlayStation.

The first is the addition of the function of time management game, which allows parents to have more control and manage the business in video games with their children, allowing you to monitor game sessions daily, and to place restrictions on the console in any way you consider appropriate.

There will be notifications that will warn you in time, even in the middle of the gameplay, that the available time is about to expire, allowing players to save the game and end the session before mom enters the room armed with the power strip or carpet!

Parents also have the ability to automatically disconnect their children from the PS4 once the game session.

The new update on PlayStation 4 will also introduce tools to allow players to organize your main menu on your PS4 through three new tabs, “PS4”, “Name / Avatar” and “PS Plus”.

The first lists all the applications currently installed on the system, while the tab with the avatar or the user name of the player, will contain all the apps that you purchased using the PSN ID of the player. This new tab make it easier to find the games that have been purchased but not yet installed.

Finally, the Card PS Plus will bring together the free games that the player has downloaded the roster monthly PS Plus. The player will also be able to hide some apps in the card Purchases.

The update 5.50 will also give players the ability to play background music while streaming games on PlayStation Now, but Sony warns that, just as you would use locally, some background music may not be available.

Finally, the update introduces the smaller features including the ability to easily delete old notifications by going to the Notifications tab and pressing the triangle button or the Options, as well as the import custom backgrounds from an external USB drive and customize the pages of the team of the tournament.

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