Unexpected and stubborn unexpected


Published on Apr 29, 2019


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Marianne Dubuc is the queen of the houses and delicious stories small and crowded, as evidenced by his last book arrived in Italy thanks to The Margaret: the garden of Gippo.

The entire story takes place in a garden. Underground, it is a hive hidden but vital task: Teresa the mole has its apartments, the family Topotti his house on the mezzanine floor, Paul the earthworm, the tunnel evanescent, and Pica ant and her sisters travel along their branched road system. Above, among the grass of the lawn, there is the little house by the blue roof of mr. Gnome and Gippo, a green beetle (?) with a beret with a pom-pom who takes it home every day on a blade of grass different. Each character is immersed in the lavorío of his own life, quite indifferent to their neighbors, until one morning, without any warning, something falls from the sky, right on the head of the little Gippo... But, that thing is dropped...?". The beetle seems to be the only character to follow, with silent interest the development of this unexpected, because of the development of this! The seed, in fact, begins to put the roots, and, at a certain point, the bathroom of Teresa finds herself with a crack in the wall, and Pica to the road and stopped. The animals, after a first moment of disappointment, immediately react, deciding to ignore coattamente the unexpected: Teresa patching the ceiling with a couple of shingles, and Pica around the root. But the roots, you know, they are stubborn and in a short time even the living room of the family Topotti are left with a nice hole in the wall, not to mention the bathroom Teresa of the streets of Pica and of the shadow of the house of mr. Gnome... In all this confusion, the only character able to look at what is going on without giving in to the only reaction is Gippo (see it page after page!). So now, when the edge of the bearing to the inhabitants of the garden form a coalition to eliminate the intruder is the voice of Gippo that is felt for the first time: "Wait!". Gippo, putting aside your shyness (but was he really shy?), show to the inhabitants of the garden that they had not even attended to consider: the home of mr. Gnome is not, perhaps, of a pleasant shade? And the mice did not gain as a playground? And the ants don't find an observatory in the natural? And the food, have you noticed that the plants have fruits?

The address of Gippo, which considers a different point of view, is not only, however, the lecture on the style of Pollyanna: the inhabitants of the garden begin to look at the plant differently, but also, and above all its neighbours and that up to the page before they were considered complete strangers. Accept the unexpected stubborn, without fighting it, but accommodating it in its nature closer to all, giving the garden a new geography.

"All of you become accustomed quickly to life, and they are really happy". So happy that the fall of the other seeds, it becomes this time the occasion of anxiously waiting.

The “usual” designs compìti and gentiles Marianne Dubuc accompany this simple story of resilience. The details that fill with personality in the small spaces they are delicious: the armchair polka dots, the wooden tub, the tubular cushions, and blankets in rows... The room fixed and the repeated, page after page, calls for a careful look the readers: you are aware of the growing plant, or even you get lost in the apartments underground without giving weight to what really happens? This is not a book that wants to teach explicitly, but suggests, through the eyes and words of the beetle, an alternative road to frustration and anger from the date of the exercise of " a global view of all the factors in play and, above all, of the people next to him.

A story in the spring to look at the plants that sprout from another point of view, from 3 years old.

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