Underworld: the whole saga in the clear on Rai 4


Published on Nov 30, 2019


Starting from December 2nd, the famous fantasy saga, and action: Underworld will be the protagonist of a weekly appointment in the early evening of Rai4. Each Monday, therefore, at 21:10, will be broadcasted a film in the saga Underworld, starting from the first chapter.

Started in 2003, the saga of the Underworld has seen the directorial debut of a feature film, Len Wiseman, enjoyed a director of music videos and commercials, also the author of the subject.

Nestled in the spectral atmospheres steampunk, Underworld tells the story of the ruthless underground war between the aristocratic vampires and the proletarians lycans, which takes place hundreds of years on Earth under the eyes of the unaware human beings.

The protagonist of the story is Selene, a warrior vampire, dedicated to the cause of his species, that soon you will realize that there is something rotten in the upper echelons of the house from which it takes orders.

Played by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale, Selene is set immediately in the imagination of the cinema among the most disruptive of the heroines, the action, becoming the icon of the genre.

The great critical and commercial success of the film, which is able to mix with wisdom, action, horror and social criticism, has meant that the Underworld could give way to a long and successful saga to now come to the fifth chapter.

Rai4 will retrace the various stages of the fight movie between Vampires and Lycans: after the appointment of the 2nd of December, it will be the turn of the prequel Underworld The rebellion of lycan that shows the origin of the conflict, broadcast on Monday, 9 December, always at 21:10.

The saga continues on 16 December with Underworld: awakening and the 23rd of December, in the first vision, with the last chapter, Underworld: Blood Wars.

Underworld: the whole saga in the clear on the Rai 4 is




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