Uncharted: Antonio Banderas and other additions to the cast


Published on Mar 03, 2020


According to Variety, Antonio Banderas would be added to the cast of Uncharted with Sophia Ali (Grey's Anatomy) and Tati Gabrielle (The 100) in roles not yet revealed; with regard to the direction, instead, should have signed Ruben Fleischer, the director of Venom.

The three actors are going to join the protagonist, Tom Holland, Nathan Drage, and Mark Wahlberg who will play Sully

“I'll be honest, one of my favorite titles of the saga is the fourth, and the film will draw great inspiration from this” the previous words of Tom Holland at IGN “IT was curious how, in talking with the president of Sony Pictures, Tom Rothman, to whom he said, having just finished Uncharted 4, I was immediately asked ‘why don't interpreters Nathan Drake?’.

I remember I had a reaction like, ‘I would do anything in order to interpret it, please, that would be fantastic’. Between nearly four weeks, we will begin to turn, Mark Wahlberg is going to be awesome as Sully, the department, the stunt has already prepared everything, it will be really exciting.”

The actor is then also reflected on the version of Nathan, much younger than what is seen in video games: “There is definitely a lot of inspiration from video games, but it is a version more young and less known of the character.

The film is really fantastic, we will travel around the world and we will know the great places, Mark Wahlberg, and I will get to spend together a fantastic summer.”At the moment, the release date of the film is scheduled for march 5, 2021.

Uncharted: Antonio Banderas and other additions to the cast is




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