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Published on Aug 27, 2017


In the context of american comic books has recently brought to light Gerard Way, leader of the band My Chemical Romance. He began, indeed, to write screenplays and comics, particularly at DC, and proved to possess an undeniable fantasy. Bao Publishing now offers volume the first six episodes of The Umbrella Academy, the delirious series published in the United States by Dark Horse.

You need to specify that the work has aroused much interest and, in certain cases, a certain enthusiasm. The comic-book is characterized by atmospheres typically supereroiche mixed in typical suggestions of new wave sci-fi English of the sixties. In a certain way, can remember, doing the due proportions, the Doom Patrol Grant Morrison and it is not a case in which the scottish author has signed the preface of the tp.

The story focuses on seven kids. Everything in reality begins when forty-three infants were born in various parts of the globe, without which the mothers had been aware of their pregnancy. The seven in question are the survivors and are adopted by the eccentric scientist, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who, through complicated experiments, gives them super-powers to defend the earth from threats of various kinds.

However, a good part of the story-line takes place at a subsequent period, when Hargreeves is dead and seven are now grown up. The relationship between them are not even very idyllic, considering they have difficult personalities, if not downright disturbed. A prominent role is played by the cold Space and from the terrible Vanya, the only one of the seven not to have special powers (only know how to play very well the violin) and that has several reasons to try a grudge against his allies.

If I have to be honest, I do not share the enthusiasm that The Umbrella Academy has resulted in many fans. Way outlines a story-line is chaotic and confused, playing with different plot lines, and the paradoxes of space-time. Insert in the plot the villain bizarre and grants in continuation of sophisticated references that leave the time they find. In practice, imitates in a way the blatant style of Morrison, without having the sarcasm, and, let's face it, the talent.

Ultimately, it releases a mixture of the few successful X-Men, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Hellboy

In any case, The Umbrella Academy is fun and will delight those who are looking for in a comic a bit of a distraction and nothing more. The designs are entrusted to the care of Gabriel Ba, who many remember for Casanova. His style twisted that recalls that of Mike Mignola, has not changed. His anatomies are always rough and boxy, and does not show a particular evolution.

In short, if you have high expectations of The Umbrella Academy, you may run the risk of being disappointed. Instead, if you settle, the volume may also be of your liking.


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