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Published on Oct 21, 2019


Return the Hargreeves and the world begins to shake. Gerard Way is one of the writers that are most atypical in the world. The former lead singer of My Chemical Romance has as a characteristic preponderant to create a narrative continuum of the unstructured, able to jump continuously scenery and characters, bringing the reader to be sucked into a whirlwind of adventures and situations to the limit.

The be freaks, living in the sense of the group, and the deal with the stories of the past that resurface. These are the basic elements of the short stories of Gerard Way, and also Hotel Oblivion, the third volume is dedicated to the Umbrella Academy is no exception (here you can read the review of the previous volume). The story published in the United States by Dark Horse, and a proposal in Italy by Bao Publishing, represents the characters that have gained further popularity after the series Netflix dedicated, and puts them back in the game both at a personal and group level.

On all stand out the number 5 and Vicky, who have changed their lives than in the past. Both, together with the other members of the Umbrella Academy, will have to contend with a threat that comes from the past, and that is from the parts of the Hotel Oblivion.

The late Reginald Hargreeves had found a way to remove some enemies, but the threats of the past are ready to reappear and cause chaos. And the Umbrella Academy have to work.

Now, who has never read a comic of Gerard Way (which is the Umbrella Academy, or Doom Patrol) you will never be found in front of the unpredictable, the writing and the way to manage the narrative of the american screenwriter.

If we were to judge the way of setting the development of the story in a traditional sense, which is probably the Way would be tagged as an incapable, inadequate to be able to present the reader with a plot that is understandable and plausibly linear. But the intention of Way has never been this.

Gerard Way narrates his stories to comics as if they were a sort of stream-of-consciousness narrative, full of rhythm. Adventure and introspection of the characters intertwine in a mix of crowds of images and history, hard to find in other productions comic. All of this leads Way to polarize the audience: there are those who hates it, there are those who do not understand, and there are those who love him to madness.

The whole thing is topped off by the designs of a Gerard Ba that seems to have been born to draw the characters of the Umbrella Academy. Its so cartoonish, but at the same time so characteristic of outline the characters, makes the protagonists of the comic strongly characterized.

Ba also imperious and having a lot of fun, representing during the scenes with spatial situations able to remember Watchmen and some of the comics of Jack Kirby.

In this volume also stands out in terms of graphics and narrative, Number 5, that even after the success of the television series, can identify as the character the symbol of the Umbrella Academy. But in Hotel Oblivion characters also as a Scientific Man and Space Boy are intriguing, and well represented.

In short, the Umbrella Academy is a comic and crazy details come forth out of the publishing production in the united states. Or you hate, or you love it. And we have worshipped.

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