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Published on Jan 15, 2019


The movement emo-punk-rock is now widely recovered. And as much as he has left in the last decade a dose large groups, business music and with little artistic depth, there have been some band, quite underrated, and only because it sucked in that cauldron of eyeline and hair ironed. And My Chemical Romance are an example. The frontman of that band, rise to fame in the mid years of this decade, it was Gerard Way, and now a solo singer, and especially the curator of the label Young Animal for DC Comics.

The creative madness of Gerard Way and that way so human, alive and empathetic of freak has made the characters born from his creative mind, true refinement. Already some music videos of My Chemical Romance (the Black Parade”) were a sense of “weird” is very strong. But to carry all of this in the world of comics (where some of the greatest creative minds to ever had already created in the previous decades fantasy characters, memorable) was not easy. But Gerard Way has done it on the first shot, thanks to the Umbrella Academy, for which the first mini-series titled “The Suite of the book of Revelation” gave him and the designer co-creator Gabriel Gabriel Ba an Eisner Award, as well as the opportunity to engage with the stories of the Doom Patrol for DC Comics.

And if the first series of Umbrella Academy, has impressed the authors of the level of Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman, that work the comics so weird and unhinged, despite the charm and the originality (it was a sort of Watchmen for freaks and outcasts), still had some signs of immaturity and imperfection. The basic plot was interesting but not very original: one of the members of the Umbrella was deceived by a villain, becoming himself an enemy of his own team-mates. This is a theme often treated in a myriad of narratives, and that for this reason he had need of more of an impact. But it struck anyway, that story (based on the seven superheroes raised from birth by Sir Reginald Hargreeves) wedge of the characters freak, cartooneschi and fascinating. And with those designs Gabriel Ba, able to exude fantasy and imagination to every single page.

But all of the imperfections of the first series of Umbrella Academy were definitely exceeded by this second volume, entitled Dallas. Gerard Way in this comic, he wanted to cast off the weight of History, with the events of the original members of the team. After the eventful coming to their senses of Vanya (now hospitalized in the hospital), and the disruption of the team, there is a character that will play a pivotal role: we are talking about Number 5. His great skills from the killer will be revealed in these new stories, and will be required to make (through time travel) or avoid (you will understand later) what is the murder's most well-known of the Twentieth Century: the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

To the members of the Umbrella Academy will once again have the task of working against a fellow, and member of the team, to turn the situation around and prevent a global catastrophe.

Everything that can be alienating in “Dallas” still manages to have a narrative coherence, and to entertain. The adventures of the members of the Academy are well-mixed. The basic plot retraces some of the stages of the murder of Kennedy is interpolated in a way more than the original, with the events of the team. And in the middle there are apocalypses, nuclear warheads ready to explode, vampires, the Vietnam War, struggles against Abraham Lincoln giants, and chi più ne ha più ne metta.

Gerard Way is able to tell us all this with much more craft and maturity with respect to the miniseries before. His basic ability is that of creating plots and stories that seemingly are unconnected, united states with cuts and sudden hang up amazing. The whole is brought forward at a crazy pace, and with the ability to condense the many plots and sub-plots in an enjoyable and fun, chaotic, but not confusing. Chaos systematic by which Way comes out with a story out of your head and very funny.

The designer ideal to make concrete the strange visions of Gerard Way, Gabriel Ba, which, thanks to its cartoonish style to fill the page with detail and dynamism.

Also the colors of Dave Stewart to make them, giving them a vitality that is obliged for a story that needs a lot of color.

In short, “Dallas” is only the continuation of a path of a lot of fantasy, a sense of the bizarre, and no-sense. The same Way in the afterword has called this a story that crosses over Doctor Who with The Borders of Reality, and we would say even with Dirk Gently.

The stories of the Umbrella Academy are still many (Gerard Way has said that altogether there will be nine narrative cycles), and this phase of middle will probably be the most enjoyable. There is no author and comic series that is capable of reconciling in a way so harmonious a condensate of ideas totally disharmonic, and at the same time amusing, grotesque, and totally freaked out.

In the style of punk-rock in short.

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