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Published on Apr 09, 2019


Umberto is an inhabitant of the planet Uranus, the planet that the Earth uses for its energy resources, while at the same time it demonizes the people, trying to treat them as “illegal migrants”. A resistance group wants to make public the misdeeds of the head of the Urangas, the giant company multiversale that de facto controls the two planets, and sends Umberto on Earth with a precious floppy disk of information that may cost you the leadership of the evil dr. Bonucci, but the first thing that Umberto is when he arrives on the Earth is unfortunately losing the floppy, giving the beginning of an adventure that will also involve other...

The first thing evident in the story is his social criticism, which is based on the events of the Urangas, a multinational (but also multiplanetaria) with trends that look to profit, and to a centralizing policy, and almost totalitarian; on the other, on a moral and universal social and environmental conscience.

From the first point of view, some of the characteristics of the Urangas recall our “twenty years” unfortunately more and more famous, as, for instance, his documentaries bearing the logo of the eagle with the writing gas (a happy game with the original logo of our Institute Light – even if the original Light was the acronym of The Unione Cinematografica Educativa); not to mention the scene on the desk of dr. Bonucci (the author is a juve/ac milan disappointed? The question is legitimate), that plays with a globe, recalling the not-too-subtly in the movie The great dictator 1940 Charlie Chaplin. Vice versa, the resistance group of the Mur recalls the revolutionary movements in south america.

The story flows well and the reader will certainly not be bored, not so much by the originality of the plot, which in fact has no joints narrative that can't be guessed already from an attentive reader, as many small references to our social and political reality, which of course, make the story still enjoyable to read.

Between the characters, and the protagonist is a hero rather distracted, that, in fact, anything but a hero as we are accustomed to imagine; dr. Bonucci seems to be the copy of the Maurizio Costanzo (it even has the same glasses!), but it demonstrates pretty one-dimensional as an antagonist, even when it's the good-natured, pretending to be a friend of his prisoners. In fact, no character really stood out (the guards of the Urangas are really useless caricatures), but the effects in this comic is the message to be important that the actions in themselves, and are not to be excluded that, in a sense, one of the inspirations of the story will implicitly be also Taranto, one of the cities that have marked the life of the author (creator of Notebooks Tarantini). The question remains if this is enough to justify the purchase of the volume, given that this type of criticism are also in the works (not necessary needing the usual V for Vendetta) have been able to create stories more complex.

From the stylistic point of view, you see the skill as an illustrator of Antonio Rossetti (the real name of Holdenaccio), visible especially in the originality of the advertising posters (see some above) that accompany the player along the adventure, and that tear is often a smile. The tract is, however, essential, and this is seen especially in the characterization of the characters, uranian, which are rather stylized and lose the scene, including the protagonist, with the land, with colours more vibrant.

The comic is also available online.

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