Ultrasole and Ultraluna: the Pokémon Mysterious Zeraora has finally been revealed!

Published on Apr 09, 2018

The theories of the fans have been confirmed!

It has been revealed the new mythical Pokémon of the region of Alola: Zeraora.

The name of this new Pokémon was already circulating within a community of fans, and the hypothesis of the Coaches have been officially confirmed by a video released yesterday, in which it is shown Zeraora in some frame of Ultrasole and Ultraluna.

Zeraora is a Pokémon Fulmirapido type Electro can emit a strong electrical current from the paws. This mythical Pokémon is also able to create magnetic fields that allow it to move and to move at extremely high speed.

A special feature of Zeraora is that it has a specific organ dedicated to the production of electricity, but is able to absorb the energy around him to exploit that to the skills and Moves of their own.

Zeraora will be available shortly for Ultrasole and Ultraluna, even if you do not yet know the final date of the release Nintendo. We will stay updated to find out the specs in the game!

Not only that, Zeraora is the mythical Pokémon that will be featured, along with Lugia, the movie: Pokémon: The history of all. In the new trailer of the film, released a few hours ago, is well visible Zeraora!

The Legendary Lugia was already present in the first trailer, but right now the rumors had talked about a Mysterious protagonist not yet been made official, at least until now.

Who knows what role he will play Zeraora in the 21st film, and what awaits us in the next video and the trailer!

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