Ulcer carnivorous: what is this epidemic of mysterious

Published on Oct 22, 2018

Ulcer carnivorous: by the time Australia has been hit by a new epidemic that is native of Africa. In the last 4 years there has been an increase of cases equal to 400%. In Melbourne, this 2018 if they are registered already 270.

Responsible for this epidemic is the ulcer of Buruli widespread in sub-saharan Africa. Mycobacterium ulcerans causes a very serious infection that causes lesions of the skin and soft tissues. Suffice it to say that this pathogen belongs to the same family of microbes that cause tuberculosis and leprosy.

The researchers believe that the epidemic and its outbreaks can occur in the aquifers contaminated by the bacteria, which are present both in Africa and in Australia. The thesis prevalent that is credit to the vast majority of scholars is that the epidemic can be spread by insects some plants.

In support of this theory there is the fact that the infected people were in lakes and rivers. With respect to the vector of the bacterium are believed to be the mosquitoes, however in Australia there are many animals that have contracted Buruli ulcer, such as dogs, cats, koalas, and opussum.

If the infection is not diagnosed in time can lead to disability in the long term, for example, can lead to a serious limitation of movements of the joints. At the moment it is only available antibiotic therapy that should be started as soon as it is suspected that they were infected from the ulcer of Buruli. otherwise, the infection can give rise to the ulceramento in just 4 weeks.

The health authorities, the australian's have invested over a million dollars for research on this disease, however still it is not clear how it can spread. At present it is then possible to prepare a programme of prevention for the population. In this sense, Paul Johnson, international expert of the ulcer of Buruli, declare that:

“it is very likely that the bacterium ’Mycobacterium ulcerans is transmitted through mosquitoes and possums, but the ways of contact and dissemination remain unknown”

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