Ugreen: here is a new wireless charger rapid for the iPhone and other device


Published on Mar 24, 2018


Ugreen has presented a new generation of chargers wireless support fast charging for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other device. Let's find out in our full review.

It becomes increasingly difficult to review a wireless charger due to their extreme spread in the market. In any case, we try to focus on the key features of this product manufactured by very little from Ugreen.

The structure of this charger we liked as it is stable and the right weight. Still, the finish metal is premium and allows us to better appreciate its design round.

At the level of specific techniques there is nothing to complain about. This charger, in addition to being certificate-level security, supports wireless charging quick Iq up to 10W for the supported devices. This means that we will be able to recharge at the maximum speed of the Android device compatible, as well as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (7.5 W).

In the package, but is missing the power supply quickly as there is only the microUSB cable. To get the maximum performance of the charging it is necessary to use a power supply Quick Charge 3.0, which is sold separately.

We had a very good experience with this charger; the charging is stable and fast, the design is pleasant and the notification LED is discreet but functional to find out the status of the charging. We would, however, appreciated the power adapter included in the package to be able to immediately take full advantage.

In any case, this charger is a wireless Ugreen is available on Amazon for the price of 20,99€.

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