UFO: the Pentagon declassifica three videos with unidentified objects


Published on Apr 29, 2020


On Monday afternoon, the Department of Defense of the United States has declassified officially three videos that show unidentified objects that perform various aerial maneuvers (and which you can see above).

In a statement from the Pentagon, the military confirmed that they have not been able to correctly identify the objects in these video clips, declaring them officially Unidentified Flying Object.

“After careful analysis, the Department has determined that the dissemination is authorized of these videos are not categorized not reveal any ability or sensitive data,” said the spokesman of the Pentagon and Its Gough, in a note, “and does not obstruct follow-up investigations to incursions into the air space of the military of unidentified aerial phenomena”.

One of the most important events included in the tapes took place in 2004, when two Navy pilots were performing a training mission routine. In the middle of the mission, have identified one of the objects and they estimated that it was long about 40 feet while hovering above the ocean.

According to an interview with the New York Times in 2017, the two drivers had set a meeting point, about 60 miles from their current location; after traveling only 20 miles, the Navy has transmitted via radio communication that the unidentified object was already in the meeting point, having reached in less than sixty seconds.

As you might expect, the Internet then started quoting obviously alien ships and things like that...

UFO: the Pentagon declassifica three videos with unidentified objects is




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