TvOS 13 beta 2 brings the video mode Picture-in-Picture on Apple TV


Published on Jun 19, 2019


tvOS 13 beta 2 brings the video mode Picture-in-Picture on Apple TV

Oddly not mentioned during the WWDC 2019, tvOS 13 beta 2 brings a nice surprise: support for video mode Picture-in-Picture.

Now we can watch programmes from the app to the Apple TV while we are using another app. Just like on the iPad, and Apple TV users, thanks to video mode Picture-in-Picture, will be able to watch a video in a preview window while you surf in the rest of the operating system.

Picture-in-Picture was introduced for the first time in iOS 9 as multitasking capabilities for the iPad. Now it seems that he is heading to the big screen.

Users can start a video in full screen, change the app and continue to watch the video in the thumbnail. The controls overlaid on the video, allow us to return to the app or to terminate directly the playback of the video.

tvOS 13 includes several new changes to the experience Apple TV, including a Home screen redesigned with the new experience Top Shelf. The app will be able to show video on the background of the Home screen, allowing users to get a preview of the content to watch.

tvOS 13 also adds multi-user support so that families can have queues Up the Next separated and not interfere with the recommendations of others.

Finally, tvOS 13 will include a series of new screen saver 4K HDR in collaboration with the BBC.






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