TVision, the entire application, including IPTV, to watch TV directly from the iPhone


Published on May 11, 2016


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The way in which users engage in leisure-time changes in a very dynamic depending on the generations. This being the era of the internet, smartphones and tablets, it is also natural to think that the way we watch TV has acquired characteristics more and more “mobile”. TVision is an app that brings on your iOS devices the real IPTV.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system of transmission of television signals on computer networks based on TCP/IP protocols, in particular on the Internet network.

With TVision, you can watch your TV on the iPhone, and Apple TV (activate mirroring) without the need of a connection to the internet.

The app is completely manageable from the main screen, which, in its bottom screen, see the buttons:

You can initially decide whether to take advantage of listening to the radio or watching TV. You can also add your own list of customized channel in M3U format or XTREAM (some of which can be found on the internet) that will allow you to see the channels RAI, Mediaset, and so on. Once you have chosen the media favorite will have a list of channels and by clicking on each of them, we will be able to launch the content currently being broadcast.


Among the functions put at the disposal of the app are:

As if that wasn't enough, if you are going to see something specific instead of a tv channel, you can use the “Discover” section where you will find a search box. Enter those magic words as the name of your favorite series or movie and the application will search on the web, through streaming sites, the content that you requested:

Don't feel limited to the living room of the house, with TVision, Tv where you want, when you want.




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