Tv viewers may 25, 2019: the end of Friends 18 he beat the semi-finals of Dancing with the stars?


Published on May 26, 2019


The last challenge on Saturday night between Dancing with the stars 2019 and Friends 18, a challenge that until now has seen Milly Carlucci beat more times Maria de Filippi. How will things turned out on may 25, 2019? We'll find out of course, only now with the audience relating to before the evening of 25 may. The last challenge, so, live, Dancing with the stars and Friends. No live call between Milly and Mary, but, since the final of Dancing will be aired next week, we can not really exclude that in the end, Mary makes a sensational surprise down the track Dancing. Never say never, everything is possible! For those not in the know, we say in relation to the proposal, and that Milly had done some time ago to Maria De Filippi!

But back to the challenge of Saturday evening: after the semi-final of the Friday, that gave Dancing with the stars the season with an average of 4.3 million viewers ( despite the ratings of Ciao Darwin well higher than those usually Friends collect to Saturday), Milly is looking forward to another excellent result for his show. But don't forget that even Friends comes from a record of the season. The episode aired last week, when the Dancing with the stars is aired, have been having this season.

It will therefore be very interesting to understand how, in this Saturday of the end of may, the public house is divided.

The second semi-final of Dancing with the stars has seen the announcement of the finalists,so many exciting moments, but also of the controversies that have given the right salt to this bet.

Here is the data, listening to the second semi-final of Dancing:

The final of the Friends 18, has seen on Channel 5, some of the faces beloved of the network. By Alessia Marcuzzi, Michelle Hunziker, passing Silkvia University and Ilary Blasi, a jury of women that Mary has lined up to beat the competition. And then, of course, the challenge between the boys, the 4 left in the game. The winner of the 18th edition of Friends it is Alberto who has won the title beating in the final the Jordanian. Once again it is the class singing to conquer the audience at home.

Here is the data, listening to the final of the Friends 18:

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