Tv series to watch in quarantine: on RaiPlay we choose The hunter's first and second season


Published on Mar 23, 2020


Obligation to quarantine at least until march 25, 2020, with the feeling that, in the next few hours, the premier, Count will return to speak on tv to ask for a little effort. Considering that the schools will remain closed until 3 April, the quarantine, from the North to the South could go on, at least until that date. But it is too early to make considerations, or better, is not easy as there are a lot of scientists at work to determine what is most correct in this global emergency.

It remains then to home and then we today we want to recommend a tv series to see, if you have not had the opportunity to follow it on tv because of work commitments and not only. Today we will talk about a series of Rai ( available on-line, not only on RaiPlay but also on Amazon Prime and Netflix) that certainly deserves to be counted among the best views in the past few years. We speak de The hunter.

The hunter is a television series Italian designed by Marcello Izzo, Silvia Ebreul and Alfonso Sabella, directed by Stefano Lodovichi, Davide Marengo broadcast on Rai 2 from the 14th of march 2018. The first two episodes were made available in the preview on the portal RaiPlay march 11, 2018. The Rai has renewed the series for a second season, that aired from 19 February 2020 and ending on 12 march 2020. The first and second season, as mentioned previously, are available on the platforms to be viewed in streaming.

The series is inspired by the true story of the magistrate Alfonso Sabella (who in the fiction becomes Xavier Baron, played by an extraordinary Francesco Montanari), a member of the anti-mafia pool in Palermo of the early nineties, immediately after the massacres of Capaci and via D'amelio. The stories are taken from his autobiographical novel the Hunter of the mafia, published by Mondadori. The baron will soon be catapulted, after investigations carried out in his country, in the great investigation, in the pool that together, seeks to destroy the mafia. And he, who is the last arrived, it will be quite a number of obstacles to overcome, but it will do and demonstrate to others, in particular to Carlo Mazza ( played by another great actor Francesco Foti) that can be of help in the fight against the mafia.

In the first season of The hunter, the Baron and the Bat are on the trail of the men is in some way related to Leoluca Bagarella. Find the number one of the clan of the Corleonesi is not easy but prosecutors believe they can, thanks to the tracks that leave those who work for him. Bagarella and Giovanni Brusca are at the time the two mobsters most wanted, along with Provenzano. But in this first season of the series, the focus is just on them because they are stained with a guilt too great. Not only are the mandates of the murder of the judges and the men of the state, but have also decided to kidnap a child, the little Giuseppe di Matteo. Throughout the first season ( and also second) Baron will be obsessed with the search for the child. Wants at all costs to save it, and in this frantic search, it also puts at risk his relationship with Jade.

In the first and in the second season of The hunter, the Baron and the Bat with trusted colleagues, they will try to shut down as many mafia as possible, the big pieces to put down the criminal organization in sicily.

The series, in addition to having an impressive cast, and a story that has nothing less than the successful series in the world in the style of the Narcos ( unfortunately), with a director and a photography flawless. A choice of music perfect.

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