Tv series to see on Netflix: Boy Toy for a quarantine on the hunt for the murderer


Published on Mar 29, 2020


What to do in the house during these days of confinement? Among the favorite activities, especially by the young but not only, the vision of the tv series ( which really should be called series streaming, because you can see it on other platforms). And it is for this that we are trying to give you valuable advices. Today we will talk about Toy Boy, one of the last Spanish series is very popular and is distributed by Netflix ( it features, among other things, cast the actors that we have already seen in other successful series, such as Elité but also on tv as in El secreto de Puente Viejo).

Two points against this series, for all the rest of the promote with good grades. The episodes are too long. The series consists of 13 episodes of an hour each ( the first one that lasts 120 minutes). Also, if you do not understand Spanish, the series weight. There are, in fact, the voice actors, but the subtitles for which you will need to see you reading it all ( and not everyone likes it).

Apart from this, the series is enjoyable and since that time we have, and also so we can dedicate ourselves to the vision of the Boy Toy.

The protagonist of the series, a toy boy, Hugo. His life seems perfect: she performs, she dances as a stripper, a woman who seems to have lost the head for him. Hugo, however, did not contend with his social class: he is in love with Macarena, the woman only as an object, not trying anything for the young dancer. Everything changes one night suddenly: after a party with alcohol and drugs in the middle of a real orgy, Hugo finds himself in his boat, in the middle of a fire. Has the dirty hands of blood, try to turn off the fire and she does not even know that burn is a corpse. Is accused of the murder of the husband of his mistress and spends seven years in prison.

After seven years, a young lawyer should take his case pro bono for the law firm for whom he works. He then begins to look for evidence to prove that Hugo is innocent and located so as to obtain a new trial and his release on probation. For Hugo from this moment begins a new chapter of the chase for the truth: what really happened the night that the man on the boat was killed?

Very soon the dancer will discover that nothing is as it seems, that the fine people he has in the closet, skeletons that no one can imagine that among the police there are corrupt people and that is not easy for someone like him to have justice. For seven years all have lied, hidden evidence, hidden things that they could change the life of Hugo, but not only.

Stop here to read if you want to find out what will happen in the thirteen episodes of the series, we don't want to ruin the vision. Otherwise, if you're curious, keep well!

The series is well written, only flaw is the excessive duration of the episodes. You could put together with only 10 episodes of 50 minutes, the result would certainly have been more valuable, because what the public likes tv series streaming is its length. Short, but intense, in many cases, but here it goes further than that.

As for the storyline definitely articulated even if down after the fourth episode it is clear that, by gestures and looks, someone who has done evil to Andrea, the son of the Macarena that was raped when she was only seven years old, and why. Disappointing instead the final. Hugo has had justice by proving to be innocent, but he has not discovered who the murderer of Alvaro, he has done evil to you and why. Not only that, because of the many mistakes made in the pursuit of truth and justice, he will lose what is for him the most important. For Hugo the life, apparently, is only to hell!

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