Turning point for the renewal of the contract of the NFL – NFLPA


Published on Feb 20, 2020


In the last hours there has been an acceleration in the front of the renewal of the contract between the NFL and NFLPA (association of players). The contract in force, signed eight years ago, expires at the end of next season, and several months are in the course of meetings between the two parties to renew the agreement which will run from 2021 to 2029.
There was a time, around November of last year, in which the signature of the agreement it was a close and even before the Super Bowl on February 2nd, but in the end the discussion is still in progress.

Between today and tomorrow to meet, of course, separately, the two parties of the litigation to assess the work done so far and for sure at the end of the meetings we will have clearer guidance on the subject. How well do you know the major points in the discussion are two: to add a day to the regular season and adding a team per Conference to the playoffs.

The proposal of the NFL is that to qualify for the post season for a seventh team to each Conference (for example in the last season would have been the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams), and at the same time leaving in bye week, only one deductible and not two.
The new format of the playoffs would seed #1 have the bye week and three meetings of a wild card: #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. The semifinals of the Conference intact with the best meets the worst in the house. The six games of the round of a wild card would be spread between Saturday and Sunday, guaranteeing to the NFL the two matches that will surely have their weight when they are ridiscussi the television rights with the networks (from 2021).
The NFL asks that this change, in the case of the new contract to be signed in a short time, it will enter into force already this season and on the plate of the negotiation has added that even the players of the two teams in the bye week will be paid for as if they were playing the wild card.
On this point, according to sources in both parties, there seems to be already an agreement of maximum.

As regards the lengthening of the regular season seems to be more distance between the NFL and NFLPA.
The League wants to add a day of the regular season within four years of subtracting one of the preseason to leave the days totals of the game with a probable slip of the Super Bowl a week. The players however have not spared public statements against this proposal, which would go against the need to protect the health and safety of those who go on the field during the season.
If we stopped at this we could say that never and never will be an agreement on a point like that, but the NFL has attached to his proposal a remarkable openness from the point of view of wage that might make you change your mind to the NFLPA.

One of the fixed points from which the representatives of the players are the parties to the negotiation is the increase in minimum wages both for rookies and for the veteran over the course to increase the percentage of receipts the NFL that go to the players via the salary cap. On both points the NFL has made of the proposals that will be evaluated by the NFLPA in order to understand how they can justify the increase of a day.

With the current contract players are allocated 47% of the revenue of the League, while the proposal for renewal proposes to increase to 48% the figure in the seasons with all 16 games of the regular season to get to 48.5% in the seasons from 17 meetings. That 1,5% is worth about 5 billion who would come into the pockets of the players.

With regard to the minimum wage, the NFL is prepared to increase the minimum salary of a rookie from 510mila dollars to 640mila, that of a player with a year of experience from 585mila to 730mila and a veteran (at least 10 years of experience) from $ 1 million to 1.3 million, let's say an increase of more or less 25% of the salary with the League available to apply these figures as early as next season. In addition, the NFL is ready to review the rules governing the use of prohibited substances and those on the disciplinary rules as well as making more light activity in the off season.

In the face of these proposals, it seems that several players, among those the most opposed to the increase of the regular season, they are becoming favourable to continue the negotiation on this basis.

The NFL has summoned in great haste the 32 owners of the franchise for today in New York to update them on the progress of the work, and ask for the go-ahead to continue negotiations on the line that we have described.

The NFLPA has organized Friday a conference call with representatives of the players (one per team), in which very probably will be put to the vote the proposal of the NFL for the renewal. If 2/3 of the representatives voting in favour then you will move to the second phase where all the players will be called to vote and the majority will decide the fate of the agreement. In the case that you do not reach 2/3 of the representatives, the favorable most likely the NFLPA will break the negotiation.

Over the weekend we should have the clearest ideas about the future of this renewal contract.




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