Tunué will inaugurate the House Tunué at Lucca Comics & Games 2019


Published on Jul 29, 2019


Fifteen years ago, on 23 July 2004, was born Tunué, thanks to its founders Massimiliano Clemente, Emanuele Di Giorgi and Concetta Plain.

To celebrate the anniversary, on the occasion of Lucca Comics & Games, the publishing house has designed a space that will welcome the players and make them feel at home. An entire hall (piazza Napoleone), dedicated to books, to the authors but especially to the readers. It will be #CasaTunué, a place to live a unique experience thanks to the international and Italian authors and to all the staff at Tunué that we will immerse in the stories and in the publishing world that produces.

The Tunué was born following two lines of development: to give life to the first structured catalogue of non-fiction dedicated to the pop imagery and publish a graphic novel traghettassero readers from the comic book serial, and finally conquered the readers varies. The vision is gained from the management of the internet site Komix.en – designed by Massimiliano Clemente and Emanuele Di Giorgi.

Many authors from all over the world have become members of the family, Tunué, always with a common goal: to make a comics cultural consumption all round.

In 2018 Publishing The Beaver has acquired a majority stake in Tunué, after having acquired in the previous year a participation of Editions the Probe, to create a centre of innovation in the world of the graphic novel of the Italian and international.

In the Pavilion, Tunué and then you will also find graphic novels and illustrated Publisher of The Beaver and of Editions the Probe.

Tunué will inaugurate the House Tunué at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 is




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