Tunué: the outputs of February 2019


Published on Jan 15, 2019


There are three exits provided in February 2019 and powered by Tunué.


How to make friends with a ghost of Rebecca Green

Necklace "Mirari"

Rebecca Green – the star of Instagram – sign one of the most sweet and wacky stories on the theme of friendship. His book is a perfect combination of humor and fantastical illustrations. Winner of important awards such as the Globe and Mail 100 Best Books of 2017 and the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design Section– Children, How to make friends with a ghost is to discover to the young readers the secrets to approach, and know of these strange creatures: offer him some of their favorite snacks, such as pies, mud, and the truffles in wax, tell the stories of the good night for ghosts (the ghosts love to be read) and make sure that no one trade your ghost for whipped cream or a marshmallow when you're not watching! The book poses as a guide to overcome any fear and fly with the fantasy.

Rebecca Green, a canadian artist and illustrator, with a host of huge avid fan, he works for many magazines and art galleries. Lives in Osaka, Japan.

pp. 40;
23×23 hardcover


The circus of the life of Nicolas Antona, and Nina Jacqmin

Necklace "Prospero's Books"

In the France of the early ’60s, Louis is a child overweight, with serious vision problems, who grows up in an orphanage jesuit. His problems do not contribute to the adoption, the companions depart one after the other while he remains there up to the age of majority. Alone and without friends, Louis is the scapegoat of all. The only good moments that he knows are the ones he spends in the circus Marcos, who set up in a vacant lot in the city. Under the tent, all smiles, life is light, is happy; and then there is Clara, the beautiful domatrice of elephants. Clara becomes his confidant, his friend, his lover. Together will spend days happily and carefree: Louis discovers the importance of the affection, the confidence, the warmth of a smile, the happiness of a kiss. The circus of life is a love story, the time that passes and on the beauty of having someone with whom to live these beautiful moments.

A graphic novel that has stunned audiences and critics, winning numerous awards including: Festival BD d ' Amiens Rencontres du 9e Art Aix-en-Provence, Festival BD d Audincourt, BD Flash-Chartres d'or, BDGest’ Arts, the Festival BD de Sainte-Enimie, Ile-de-France, Prix Bédéciné, Festival BD d'ajaccio.

Nicolas Antona, French film director of Italian origin, has to his credit several graphic novels, in Italy The circus of life is the first work to be published.

Nina Jacqmin, he attended the prestigious École Supérieure de Saint-Luc (ESA), which is churn out best talents from the comic French. In France he has published several graphic novel, collecting several prestigious awards.

pp. 80;
17×24 hardcover

The master of the carpet of the Olivier Bleys and Alexis Nesme

Necklace "Prospero''s Books and Extras"

A fantastic story set in the Russia of the NINETEENTH century: Fyodor, master upholsterer, knows how to transform a rectangle of fabric into a flying vehicle; the power that must be transmitted, but those interested in the carpets nowadays? During a trip Fedor runs into Daniel, a young poacher chased by the soldiers. To save it, Fedor is rolling out a carpet and the two fly off, leaving the soldiers boyars stunned. Will Daniel to inherit the powers of the master of the carpets?

A grahic novel is capable of presenting to us anew the Spell of Russian fairy tales and the thousand and one nights, in a tale full of magic. A remarkable new comic strip by the cartoonist of " The children of captain Grant, winner of the Premio Romics for the Best Book of the European School in 2016.

Olivier Bleys has published many books with the French house Gallimard. Founder of “Young Artists of the World” that promotes the culture involving artists in the world. In 2014, the French Minister of culture named him a Knight of Arts and Literature.

Alexis Nesme illustrator for children public in France by Delcourt. Tunué he has published The children of Captain Grant, the winner in 2010 of the Prix des collégiens in Angoulême, and of the Award Romics 2016.

pp. 24;
23,5×31 hardback

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