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Published on Dec 16, 2018


The editorial work in Tunué is always creative and stimulating. Will be twelve months to the banner of the great authors Tunué like Paco Roca, Brian Selznick, Bruno Cannucciari and Emiliano Pagani, Tony Sandoval, Emiliano Mammucari, Shaun Tan, and Peter Kuper, but also new realities such as Pear Comics.

Here are some of the special advances.

Ar-man of Emmanuel Lepage Necklace "Prospero''s Book"

Ar-men is a bastion isolated in the stretch of sea in the most arduous of Britain and perhaps the world, was built between the dangers and difficulties on the rocks of the Île de Sein. The lone-Germain is one of the guardians, and here, in the Hell of hells, between the fury of the waves, and the long night watchmen, she found her place: live with the ghosts, memories and legends. When a storm floods the lighthouse, under the plaster, the peeling surface of the inscriptions: Germain discovers the story of Moïzez, a guy survived a shipwreck on the Île de Sein, which took part in the work of construction of Ar-men.

Emmanuel Lepage was born in 1966 in Saint-Brieuc, at 13 years old he began to develop his talent thanks to the careful guidance of artist Jean-Claude Fournier, his master. In 2003, she started what was then considered to be his masterpiece: Muchacho. The stretch refined Lepage makes him one of the most brilliant creators of the new comic book in france; his works have been translated into many european countries and the United States.

What he wanted to be Carol Swain Necklace "Prospero''s Book"

What I wanted it to be is the magnificent graphic novel that marks the return of Carol Swain, author of international fame. With a rhythm of the film and a narrative minimalist that recalls the literary writing of Raymond Carver, Carol Swain tells the story of Helen, a birdwatcher amateur who lives in a rural community of Wales. When a local farmer says that a "rare bird" named Emrys (the name with which it is often called Merlin) has committed suicide in a nearby farm, she decides to investigate. One of the dogs of the farm, who explains that Emrys "had no feathers and could not fly". The attempt of Helen to learn more turns into a journey of self-discovery, his freedom, and at last, in a hard reconciliation with the world as it is. In What was intended to be, the inner life of Helen is slowly revealed through a mixture of naturalistic details and events phantasmagorical; a journey in which she discovers herself through her choices.

Carol Swain was born in 1962 in London and raised in Wales. His first work was Way Out-Strips, published by Fantagraphics Books. Since then he has published several graphic novels as an author, and complete stories in comics anthologies around the world. He lives in London.

Morgana Simon Kansara and Stéphane Fert Necklace "Prospero's Books"

The private destiny of the queen, the half-sister of King Arthur becomes the fata Morgana, and is opposed to the tyranny of the Round Table and to the manipulations of Merlin. Frightened by the mage played with his life since his early childhood, Morgana gives free rein to his anger against everyone: his former teacher, the men and their new god.

The authors decide to overthrow the legendary round table, giving life to a story, the feminist in which the fata Morgana grabs the sword against the representatives of the established order.

Simon Kansara lives in the Atlantic Pyrenees, is an author, screenwriter and audiovisual. He completed his studies took the EAEC, european Conservatory of audiovisual inscription.

Stéphane Fert living in the Atlantic Pyrenees, is an illustrator and cartoonist French. Morgana is his first album, released in France for Delcourt Editions.

Live Oak, With Moss (original title) unpublished poems of Walt Whitman, illustrations by Brian Selznick Necklace "Mirari"

When he was about to accomplish forty years ago, Walt Whitman wrote the twelve poems collected in a little book which he called Live Oak, With Moss: reflections intense and extremely private about the attraction he felt toward other men, who proved to be-exploring the most daring of the poet on the theme of homosexual love, well before the word came into use. These poems and revolutionary and exciting, were never published by the author, and have remained unknown until today. The illustrator, Brian Selznick – author of the bestselling the œ and the winner of the Caldecott Award – offers, through its images, a narration, a provocative Live Oak, With Moss, and, with the help of Karen Karbiener, scholar of Walt Whitman, reconstructs the story of the creation of the twelve poems.

Walt Whitman was a poet, writer and journalist in the united states. It is known to be the author of the poetry collection, Leaves of grass, published in various editions from 1855.

Brian Selznick is the author New York Times bestseller, winner of the Caldecott Award, among his best known works, The invention of Hugo Cabret, and The room of wonders from which they were taken as many films directed by Martin Scorsese and Todd Haynes. She lives between Brooklyn and San Diego.

Hunting (provisional title) by Emiliano Pagani and Bruno Cannucciari Necklace "Prospero''s Book"

In a village nestled in the woods, the three women manage a business of farming and sale of organic products; the village is populated by hunters who do not see a good eye on the activities of the women: too modern compared to the traditions; the life of the place is punctuated by activities, which are always the same and the wild boar hunting, so populous in the area, it is the main activity. Among the inhabitants is mostly Brown, the head hunter, to argue on the activities of the company that is so far from the habits of the inhabitants of the area. The tension is particularly acute when they begin to occur of the theft, the hunters have already the guilty party: they are convinced that they have been migrants, are all considered to be different from their everyday life appears as a threat, migrants are seen by hunters as invaders, but in the meantime, the real invasion seems to be the work of the wild boar, always the most populous in the area of the forest. A new disturbing graphic novel by the authors of the Kraken.

Emiliano Pagani Began working with The Vernacoliere in 1991. Publishes the first issue of comics in 2005, collecting stories of the Family registration form. Her greatest achievement is the series of Don Zauker, exorcist priest, blasphemer, and quick to anger. Among his other works: X-Nerd – Heroes of peace (2011), Nirvana (Rolls, 2011), Slobo and the Golem (2016). With Tunué in 2017 has released Kraken, designed by Bruno Cannucciari.

Bruno Cannucciari made his Debut in Comic Art, taking the character of Yellow Kid. He realizes, in the same journal, Frank&Bruno. Taken in November 1986 from Italy Today, as a cartoonist and illustrator, vanishes for some time the comics production. At the end of 1988 gives life, on the pages of Lupo Alberto, the character of Winny, devoting himself then to the character of Albert the Wolf (created by Silver). With Tunué in 2017 has released Kraken written by Emiliano Pagani.

"Ariel", a new series of graphic novels, and a container where put in the common a feeling that is declined in the feminine

The Tunué continues the expansion of the editorial proposals with the launch of a new series – "Ariel" – conceived by the editorial director Massimiliano Clemente, which entrusted the development theme and the artistic coordination of Simona Binni, author Tunué since debut.

"Ariel wants to be a place of encounter and dialogue in which the authors and authors can tell the issues dear to women, in an attempt to create a space where you can put in common a feeling that is declined in the feminine.

Given the great expansion that the market of the graphic novel is having in these years, we believe will be of great interest to a connotation of the theme as that proposed by the new series.

The world of comics and the graphic novel of the Italian is currently among the most innovative in the transformation, with a growth in the publishing market in the last year of 30%.

Therefore, we propose a project that opens prospects of dialogue on the thought of the difference between male and female, and that put into question the blind adherence to a world of stereotypes and, all too often, dogmatic constructs.

As the series flagship, the "Prospero''s Books" – with more than eighty titles in the catalogue – even the name "Ariel" refers to the shakespeare play The tempest, where Ariel is a spirit of the air, devoid of characterization and sexual. It is precisely this ambiguity to foster the imagination of a place and a metaphorical encounter between the masculine and the feminine.

Among the authors who will give a start to this new series there will be Assia Petricelli and Sergio Riccardi, the pair of authors, which in 2014 has given life to the success of Bad girls. The fifteen stories of women daring and creative, published by Sinnos; the journalist Luciana Cimino and the cartoonist Sergio Algozzino, that will tell the life of Nellie Bly, the first investigative journalist and creator of the kind of journalism is under cover; the writer Cristiana Alicata and the designer Philip Paris.

Nellie Bly, nancy Cimino and Sergio Algozzino Necklace "Ariel" With a preface by the journalist David Randall

The true story of Nellie Bly, born in New York in the second half of the Nineteenth century, the first female journalist to deal with news




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