Tuberculosis at Naples: died dr. 60enne

Published on Oct 21, 2018

Tuberculosis in Naples: a doctor of 60 years, who worked in the emergency room of the hospital of Naples, passed away Friday, October 19, due to this infectious disease. Ill a year, the doctor has died at the hospital Cotugno, specialist for infectious diseases. He worked at the San Paolo hospital in the district of Fuorigrotta until August of last year. Was in the business of emergency medicine.

Francesco Emilio Borrelli, regional councillor of the region of campania of the Green component of the Health Commission of the regional Council of Campania, noted that:

“there is no emergency and no risk of the contagion of tuberculosis at San Paolo hospital, because the doctor who died had been struck by a form that does not give rise to contagion, even if far more serious and deadly”.

The case of the doctor who died as a result of this infectious disease has re-ignited the headlights on tuberculosis. To pass it is the bacillus of Koch, of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the past few years there is a resurgence of infection due to a number of factors that may be categorized as: increased immigration from countries where the disease is still endemic, the presence of bacteria that are resistant to therapy with anti-tubercular standard, coexistence of Hiv infection, which makes it less effective the vaccination coverage in the preventive purposes.

The infection occurs via air by sneezing or coughing or simply talking. It mostly affects the lungs, but can be affected other organs such as the meninges, lymph nodes, and bone tissue. The symptoms are nonspecific: fever, cough, low-grade fever, decreased appetite, weight loss.

The diagnosis requires the presence of several elements: low-grade fever and persistent pneumonia resistant to antibiotic therapy, and positive tuberculin skin test, and lymph stimulation to the antigens tuberculous. The chest x-ray instead allows you to know the localization of the disease. Tuberculosis is treated with one drug for 6 months in order to prevent the occurrence of disease. If it is already present, treatment with more drugs.

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