Tu Si Que Vales: Teo Mammucari and Rudy Zerbi fight for a magic trick


Published on Oct 07, 2018


The fifth season of You You Que Vales is back to occupy the Saturday evening of Channel Five, with its rich jury (composed by Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammucari, Maria De Filippi), the three conductors (Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni) and the new president of the jury Iva Zanicchi. The real stars of the show, however, are the competitors one after the other you exhibit in an attempt to conquer the highest number of positive opinions: only then can they access the next stage of selection or even access to the right to the final.

In the course of the episode of 6 October 2018 of You You Que Vales, however, there was also room for an unexpected quarrel between Teo Mammucari and Rudy Zerbi. For what reason the two judges have a fight?

It all started as a result of a performance made by a couple of mentalisti. The two have involved Maria De Filippi in a game of mind reading: the long performance has led the presenter to write a name of a famous person, a color and a number to a given number. The links of the mentalist is able to guess all three things, despite the language barrier (not Italian).

Teo Mammucari – always expert these magic tricks – has expressed its assessment to the contrary: “not true”. Favourable, in contrast, all the other colleagues present in the studio. The duo of maghetti, the DNA, has passed the round, but Rudy Zerbi, he immediately wanted to discuss it with Teo Mammucari, explaining to him that I would not have to rate negatively: “Teo, what you context is the fact that you ruin the magic we enjoyed a thing... it Is only this that makes the context!” he added.

The replication Mammucari was much more of the content: “and I, when we are the musicians not to raise my voice on the musicians, because I respect your work. You want to meet me? I am 50 years old and I do these things for 30 years, come on! The number that they presented was a c*zzata! I never revealed the trick. That would be ruining the magic of the moment. You want the applause? Take the applause of the audience! But it is a c*zzata what you're doing. Reveal the trick means to break the magic of the moment, not to say that I liked the number.”

And to prove to Rudy Zerbi that indeed the magic trick was trivial, the same Mammucari has improvised on the moment the same experiment: Gerry Scotti is secluded while Mammcari has asked the De Filippi write the name of a vip Italian. Scotti has tried to guess: “Pippo Baudo!”. And that was the exact name. In short, the whole emphasis used to be Struggling to praise the long number magic duo DNA was dismantled in a few seconds. Touché!

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