Tu Si Que Vales 2018: Loredana Bertè singing in playback Cursed Luna Park – VIDEO


Published on Nov 04, 2018


The fifth season of You You Que Vales is back to occupy the Saturday evening of Channel Five, with its rich jury (composed by Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammucari, Maria De Filippi), the three conductors (Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni) and the new president of the jury Iva Zanicchi. The real stars of the show, however, are the competitors one after the other you exhibit in an attempt to conquer the highest number of positive opinions: only then can they access the next stage of selection or even access to the right to the final.

In the course of the episode of November 3, 2018 of You You Que Vales, in fact, there was also room for a new hosted vip: after the one of Alessandra Amoroso, this time, it was Loredana Bertè.

Between one performance and the other, also this week You Will Que Vales has granted an exception to the rule and welcomed in the studio, another guest vip in the promotion (a little’ as happened a few days ago with the pupil of Maria, Alessandra Amoroso).

This time, however, and enter the studio is Loredana Bertè: the sessantottenne of the origins of calabria attended in studio to promote his latest single entitled “Damn " Luna Park”, a very pop – rock that is already available in digital stores and on YouTube in over a month.

The singer was left disappointed many of the viewers on the social because, in addition to perform the whole song in playback, you are not spending in any way inside of the transmission: it is limited to greet the cast and has to suffer (or so they say) the Italian promotional set up by Gerry Scotti and Maria De Filippi, which showed the cd first and then the vinyl record of the song just “sung” by Loredana Bertè.

The charisma and uniqueness of Loredana Bertè NOW on stage of #TuSiQueVales

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After the presentation of the double disc, Loredana Bertè, was quickly dismissed by the audience for the talent show Saturday night Channel Five. Maybe for a vip so bandied about, on the web and on tv we expected a more important Loredana Bertè in the course of the program.

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