Trump responds to Apple: “make your devices in the USA”


Published on Sep 09, 2018


With a tweet posted a few hours ago, the President of the United States, Donald Trump has responded to Apple with regard to duties on chinese imports that could push up the prices of the devices sold in the country.

In a letter sent , by Apple, was concerned “... because the United States will be hit harder than expected and that there will be less growth and competitiveness in the country, in addition to higher prices for consumers“. In particular, the duties provided for by the government Trump imports from China is likely to increase the prices of various Apple devices, like Mac mini, Apple Watch, but also AirPods, HomePod, Apple, Pencil and a variety of accessories such as chargers, adapters, enclosures and cables.

In response to these concerns, Trump said that, if you do not want to pay taxes, Apple could start producing its devices in the United States instead of in China:

The prices of Apple products could increase because of the fees that we may impose on the China, but there is an easy solution thanks to which there would be no duties, but rather tax incentives. You realize your products in the United States instead of in China

It is a provocation, but one of the objectives of Trump is to transfer the production of u.s. multinationals from China to the USA. An arduous task which the government seeks to accomplish by imposing duties on imports.

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