Trump reassures Tim Cook: “No duty on the iPhone”


Published on Jun 19, 2018


As reported by the New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook has had a diplomatic role important with the President, Trump managed to get some promises and to appease the relations increasingly tense between the United States and China.

In the analysis published by the New York Times shows that, during the whole era Trump, Tim Cook “has to behave as the best diplomat of the technology industry.“ For example, Cook has recently met with the president Trump in the oval office on April 25, to ask for an attitude of “the more calm and soothed in trade relations with China“.

Also thanks to this attitude of his diplomat, the Times reported that the administration Trump has promised to the Cook, who, in spite of the duties on some chinese goods will be applied, such restrictions shall not extend to the iPhone.

Among the examples given in the article in the New York Times, referring to the diplomatic skills of Tim Cook, which has praised openly, the fiscal reform desired by Trump, and the other has put pressure on the president to be diluted tones in the trade war with China.

The Times does not clarify whether the promise not to apply customs duties on the iPhone has been made during the last meeting at the White House, or at another time, but it is certain that Tim Cook has got a great result. The risk, in fact, was that Apple would have had to pay duties to import the iPhone in the United States, seeing that all the production is made in China.

The CEO of Apple was also good to maintain stable relations with China, thanks to various trips and meetings with leading representatives of the government, to which they have been promised more and more targeted investment in the country.

The efforts of Apple are essentially concentrated in maintain good relations with both the United States and with China, trying to appease the spirits with regard to the struggles of trade. For Tim Cook, a role as a true diplomat.

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