True change time: advances and guests of the march 30, 2019


Published on Mar 26, 2019


Saturday, march 30, will air a new episode of True, the beloved Mediaset programmes conducted by the talented Silvia University. The next installment of the talk show, however, will not begin to 16,10 but the 15 and then always end at 18:45. The time change confirms the success that the program of the University is having currently. The new appointment: "True", as always will be characterized by many super guests ready to tell in front of the cameras. Also in this edition, it is True you move to the 15 since Friends aired in prime time on the Saturday evening, will be broadcast but only in a shortened version.

Let's find out some more details about the change in time is most True.

As usual then, with the departure of the evening Friends, very True, moves in and begins the first program of Silvia University from march 30 is placed after an episode of reduced of Friends that starts at 14,10 and greets the public at 15. The presenter of the talk show announced the decision of the serpent at the end of the last episode aired Saturday, march 23: “next Week we will begin first, at 15, with an episode full of guests”.

Bet that's True of the 30 march will start as communicated by the University at 15, and then end at the usual time, i.e., at about 18:45. Before that's True then, we will see Friends and the first of the talent of Maria de Filippi will be aired on the bold and the Beautiful.

The new episode of True broadcast on the 30th march will be full of special guests. Silvia University will have the pleasure of interviewing in the living room of his Flight, a music group composed of Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone. The three singers-a sicilian former winners of the Sanremo Festival, will tell the audience how you started their career and how they are living this magic moment, which sees them at the height of success.

Next Saturday they will be guests in True also the protagonists of the movie After the comedian Lino Banfi, much loved by the Italian public, and a competitor of the Famous Island 2019 (the name at the moment remains top Secret).

The next episode of "True" can be view in streaming on the MediasetPlay. The service Mediasetplay is available free-of-charge Tablet, Smartphone and Pc. For access to the vision of the content on the site, it is necessary to register free of charge.

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