Trouble on the horizon for Radiohead

Published on May 16, 2016

The return of Radiohead is the state of those triumphant, those who agree with everyone (fans, critics, and enthusiasts of the last hour) and more than positively. But the success of Moon Shaped Pool is likely to be overshadowed by some bad cloud that is looming on the horizon. The English band, in fact, runs the risk of being accused of plagiarism for the video of the first single, " Burn The Witch.

The clip was made with the technique of stop-motion, but the puppets used somiglierebbero really too much to those in the animated television series Trumpton, which was aired at the end of the Sixties in Britain. Too much to the point of encroaching in beaches dangerous with regard to the right of the author. To raise the issue was William Mollett, grandson of the creator Gordon Murray: "I Would have had to ask permission, we consider it a damage to our image. If they did, we would have surely given the consent, but to do so, it is a violation of copyright, and we are deciding how to proceed," he thundered from the pages of the Daily Mail.

And comparing the video of the song with that of an episode of the animated series, actually it is difficult to blame him:


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