Tricked the Face ID of the iPhone X with a mask


Published on Nov 14, 2017


The Face ID of the iPhone X is the flagship of the company in terms of safety, yet it seems not to be completely infallible. The security company Bkav, in fact, has found a way to unlock your smartphone and access its data, even if in a very hard-working.
It is possible, in fact, through a mask for $ 150 to bypass the control of the Face ID, this raises many concerns. Facial recognition is the only system of protection of the iPhone X and will soon completely replace the detection of fingerprints.

The Bkav will primarily test the vulnerability of electronic devices, to ensure that companies remedy, by subjecting the components in question, the evidence is more varied.
In 2009, the company had already distinguished itself for the circumvention of the recognition of facial portable Toshiba and Lenovo.
As shown in the video just to expose the mask to the sensors of the iPhone and the game is done.
The technique, fortunately, is not within the reach of all. To make the mask you will need the help of the device's owner, whose face we need to extract the 2D and 3D models, and we also have to model some parts of the face in silicone.

The exploit involves the in-depth knowledge of the internal mechanism of the Face ID for which no common person could unlock actually iPhone X, as stated by an employee of the Bkav to Ars Technica.

It is rather difficult to achieve the correct mask without having a certain expertise in the field of security.
We were able to exceed the AI of the Apple because we know how it works, and we know how to bypass it.

The Bkav has also organized a press conference on 15 November, and made available to a section of questions and answers on its website to respond to the questions of all.
The danger, though slight, remains. Especially when it comes to sensitive data and high value, the secrets of office, government information, unscrupulous people could fraudulently exploit the exploit for illegal purposes. Seems to be a concern from a spy movie where the spy uses masks to evade security and infiltrate the bank vault, but data protection is a matter that damn serious.

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