Triboo: continuous growth of revenues. In 2017 of almost 110 million euro (+13,8%)

Published on Mar 30, 2018

Closed another year of growth for the Triboo group-with a new record for turnover. In the year 2017 of the consolidated revenues (before the adoption of the accounting policy Ifrs 15) have reached 110 million euros, with an increase of 13.8% compared to the previous year. To drive growth has contributed mainly in the division e-commerce with a turnover, an improvement of 21.8% and Ebitda divisional of 6.4 million euro (+22,6%).
In the course of 2017 the online store have gone from 81 to 99.
On the face of income in 2017 and the milan group has achieved an Adjusted Ebitda of € 8.8 million (13,48% of revenues). In 2016, the figure was 11.7 million euros.
The income statement closed with a net Profit of 2.5 million euro.
The internationalisation strategy of the group has seen the establishment of Triboo Shanghai with offices in China and the qualification of the operator "Tmall Partner", authorized by Alibaba.
On the face of investments to record the acquisition of 51% of E-Photo), a leader in photographic work for e-commerce, and Shinystat, historical society of data analytics.
The group's net financial debt at the end of 2017 is equal to 7.1 million euros compared to the net cash of euro 4.1 million by 2016, primarily as a result of the accounting effects of non-recurring. The net current financial debt is instead positive for € 2.1 million.
The board of directors of Triboo has approved the distribution of a dividend equal to 0,0348 € per share, with coupon detachment date on 28 may and payment on 30 may 2018.
In the early months of the year Triboo continued its policy of expansion with the startup of the operations of the Rmc Sports Network, in company with Alberto Hazan, the publisher of Radio Montecarlo, and with the acquisition of network publishing between the most important Italian digital.
It will soon be instead completed the sale of its stake in Independent Ideas Srl in favour of the French group Publicis.
Of particular importance from a commercial point of view, the start of the collaboration with the group Aeffe (the owner among other brands Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy, Pollini).

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Triboo: continuous growth of revenues. In 2017 of almost 110 million euro (+13,8%) published on Soldiblog.en 30 march 2018 16:01.


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