Tribit X1: earphones true wireless quality at a good market


Published on May 11, 2019


Tribit X1: earphones true wireless quality at a good market

We tried the new Tribit X1 , earphones true wireless the low cost and the quality very satisfactory. With AirPods Apple has introduced users to the world of wireless headsets, launching a successful market that were soon joined by a good number of brands competitors and emerging. Tribit is part certainly of the second category but impresses with quality products sold at a price much lower than the average.

The headphones have a very compact form of “button”, then conceptually we are much closer to the Galaxy Buds to the AirPods. The product is designed to make a perfect fit with the auricle, without being a burden, particularly in terms of weight or ingombranza. Aesthetically, once worn, may be vaguely protruding but it is now the custom, as this factor does not compromise on comfort.

The headphones are In-Ear, then with of the classic silicone and a two levels that provide excellent insulation in safety, filtering properly background noise without excluding any of the danger signs.

Made in moulded plastic, with a pleasant tactile sensation, the ear mountain both a small button on the back that allows us to interact with the device to which we connect. A long press will allow us, for example, to invoke the voice assistant in the case of a smartphone, while the individual pressures allow us to start or pause any media content playback.

Being of a mechanical type, the pressure of the button represents one of the few points at the base of the Tribit X1. Press means to push the headset to the ear, an operation of dubious comfort that makes the remote control is immediate and essential, but not so easy in practical terms. It is recommended (where possible) navigation through a virtual assistant, view the full compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant through the powerful built-in microphone on both headsets.

Needless to dwell too much on those that are the interfaces; headphones associate to each action a voice feedback that, for example, identifies the power on the left channel and the right one, informs us of the possible connection/disconnection to a device, or simply notification that the battery is low in the vicinity of shut down. The upper keys are also surrounded by a notification LED that will take on the blue color phase of the association with a device or white while charging.

The Tribit X1integrano two speakers, dynamic 6mm, which ensure a listening clean and of good quality, with powerful bass and full-bodied to a yield is not flawless, but excellent levels regarded the support (always talking about headsets, without wires, from the extremely small size). The two speakers allow for a dynamic reproduction of the sound, passing by the stereo 3D during the simultaneous use of two headsets, to mono if you wear only the left one.

Unfortunately, the right ear can not operate alone and, though rarely, the defect of instability despite the use of Bluetooth technology 5.0. This instability translates into little moments of “darkness” in the presence of obstacles as they may be, for example, the arm or the pillow while you are lying down. In any case, these cases are boundary blocks that do not affect the daily experience.

As is the case with AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and any other competitor's trademark, Tribit X1 presents itself as a complete product, in addition to the headset also includes a housing for the charging of the same through the use of convenient magnetic connector.

The case is equipped with a battery of 800 mAh which, with a single charge, guarantee at least 5 sessions of full charge for both headsets. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and allows up to 3 hours of continuous playback thanks to the large battery integrated in the headsets themselves. The only flaw, the long-term use leads to a slight overheating of the two accessories that after a while it may be slightly annoying but not to such an extent as to be unusable.

The housing of the Tribit X1 is made of the same material of the earphones, then black plastic, matte on whose front is shown in the contrast of gloss and the name of the brand, with the exception of the top cover with magnetic closure that is smooth and semi-transparent in order to make visible the LEDS on the back of the headset while charging.

On the back of the case we find a micro USB port for charging the battery (which takes about 2 hours through the cable that are in the box, refill notified by a flashing more rapidly, the blue LED on the front.

The case resumes vaguely the style of AirPods, in a version slightly more bulky, which sees him stocky but elegant, without giving up the typical “click” of the magnetic closure.

Tribit X1 is a product that could be much improved but we found all in all very good. Lightweight ergonomic Design, resistance to water and sweat, and intelligent management with automatic connection to paired devices, not to mention a battery that is very large and the audio quality of all respect...of course not have the AirPods, but it also costs three times less so, removed the defects highly negligible, you can't expect better. The Tribit X1 can be bought at 44,99€ on Amazon, but using the code TRBITINS save about€ 7 for a total of 38,24€

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