Transformers – Power of the Primes: the first trailer


Published on Apr 25, 2018


Hasbro and Machinima, a division of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, have released the official trailer for the third and final chapter of Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy – Transformers: the Power of the Primes.

The trailer provides a first look at some of the amazing voice actors who make their debut in Transformers: the Power of the Primes as Ron Perlman, the WWE Superstar Samoa Joe and Mikey Way of the rock group My Chemical Romance, and Jaime King (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Join members of the cast of Mark Hamill, who has made his debut as Megatronus in the final of the second chapter of the trilogy, Transformers: the Titans Return, Judd Nelson, which is giving voice to a new character in the trilogy, Rodimus Cron, Wil Wheaton as it is named after , DashieGames like Menasor, MatPat as Swoop and Rob Dyke that is Devastator.

Transformers: the Power of the Primes will be launched on the 1st of may all over the world on the media of Verizon, including Tumblr and go90, except in China, where it is broadcasted on, and Japan. This third and final chapter of the digital series has 10 episodes, about 11 minutes per episode.

The synopsis of the series: after that Megatronus has eliminated Optimus Prime and claim the Matrix of Leadership and the Enigma of Combination, the other robots, the Transformers look Megatron to lead them against their evil enemy. Unbeknownst to them, however, the search for Megatronus of the next artifact, the Requiem Blaster, goes beyond his desire for power and the search will reveal the mysterious secrets of the past of Cybertron. Before Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy ended, a new First will reveal itself and all will be witnesses to the true power of the First.

Transformers: the Power of the Primes model, which has as a supervisor, the executive producer and showrunner FJ DeSanto, is written by DeSanto, Adam Beechen and Jamie Iracleanos, and directed by YUZO. The animation for the show is overseen by Tatsunoko Productions.

Transformers – Power of the Primes: the first trailer is




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