Training in Milan for “Waiters stellar”

Published on Jan 18, 2017

And started the free course for the training of the staff, “starry”, organized in Milan by ACTL (Association for Culture and Leisure, with the financial support of the European Union and the European Social Fund. The quid is given by the invaluable collaboration of the Symposium Lab, a creative laboratory dedicated to the world of the kitchen that puts you at the center of the restaurant, the continuous research on the product and the importance of innovation and training.

And they were precisely the words of one of the originators of the Symposium Lab, the famous michelin-starred chef Lucio Pompili to encourage the 23 young aspiring professionals who are open to the world of dining room service. “The world of the catering industry needs to re-launch the role of the personnel in the dining room, serving people who firmly believe in this profession is not a job but their life-style. The waiter is the true master of the hall that guide the visitor in an emotional journey fruit flavours, welcoming and knowledgeable hospitality. A good cook with a bad seller does not combine anything good, a good salesman with a bad cook something good the compounds are safe.“ These are the words that Lucio Pompili has spent to stimulate the future waiters.

Marina Verderajme, President of the ACTL (, addressing the students, he declares: “With this course we want to offer you the tools and the skills to appreciate and discover a profession key in the current renaissance of the restaurant that the Waiter – Experience Manager“.

The course was opened by a live Skype with Beppe Palmieri, sommelier and maitre from 14 years of the Osteria Francescana of Massimo Bottura, who has brought his greeting to the boys with his stories from the ranks to success. The course is held in Milan at the headquarters of ACTL (and includes 13 modules divided into 68 hours of specialist skills and 32 hours of soft skills. The next courses in march and may 2017.



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