Training at home with common objects: create your own gym home made


Published on Mar 31, 2020


Training at home with common objects: create your own gym home made. We explain us how to do it! We've already covered the smart shopping to do to start exercising at home. However, it is true that there are many people who like to work out in the gym who think they train at home only because they are required by the quarantine put in place to contain the Covid-19.

It is also true that, emergency Coronavirus in part, there are many needs that drive people to train at home. Only that not everyone can, or wants, to spend too much money. That's why we thought of how you can exercise effectively by using common objects easily found in the homes of everyone.

Everything can be useful for training in the house. There is no need to spend money on weights or other tools, if you do not have the ability. What are some examples? Bottles of water, a simple chair, the rope for the clothesline, a broomstick, the stairs of the house... Just have a little imagination!

The forced isolation has strange plans of training of many persons who, not being able to go to the gym, and are forced to fall back on the workouts at home. Normally to train to use a specific equipment that may include weights, resistance bands, jump rope...

Let's see together which are the objects of common use that can help you in your workouts. Remember that safety must be your number one priority and our advice will explain precisely how to make the objects that you normally at home gear safe and effective.

The water bottles are the most simple and versatile that you can use to replace the handlebars, but let's see how to use them.

1 full Bottles of water: you can use full bottles of water to replace the handlebars of the weight by 1 Kg or 1.5 Kg. If you want to intensify your workouts, you can make them more heavy, filling them with sand. If you don't have sand available, you can try with of the earth. Make sure that both of the bottles that you are going to have the same weight for not sbilanciarti.

2 Cases of water: if you need to weight substantial you can think of using 4 or 6 bottles all together. Do not trust the common plastic casing, but tries to reinforce it with adhesive tape, very resistant. Do at least 3 or four rounds in order to be sure that the bottles will remain stable and secure. During your workouts do not use the common plastic handle because it would not hold up to the weight. Take the bottle in hand during your workout.

In addition to the bottles, especially if you are a beginner and you need your weights are rather light, you can work biceps and triceps with the aluminum cans that are commonly found in the pantry.

The gliders are fitness accessories designed to be placed under the feet and used to glide on the floor. The easiest way to replace them is to use a pair of socks very soft or put a towel under your feet. In this case, it is essential to have a wooden floor. If, instead, the home you have a carpeted floor, you can use plastic covers or paper plates. Your abs will thank you!

Did you know that jumping rope can be a good way to warm up or, if you can the longer the exercise, a workout perfect for burning a lot of calories? If you don't have a jump rope you can use a common rope for the clothesline, one of those with the coating plastic which will not let you stay on during your workout.

If you have stairs at home, you can use them in many ways and to be able to improve the system of cardio-circulatory, strengthening the arms and toning the legs. The scales can simulate a “step” or be used as a support for the bending of the arms. Perfect also for the lifting of the knees towards the chest. They are a great tool for a workout HIIT: walk up the stairs so fast and get so slow, but never stop.

If you are a lover of yoga you can think of these substitutions:

The foam roller, or roller , is a tool very valuable to untie the knots of the body created by stress and anxiety. Let's say the truth, in this period are almost essential! But it is not necessary to have them to be able to loosen the tension, just to have at home a tennis ball to eliminate all the tensions accumulated.

Just have a chair very stable to be able to do different exercises. First of all, it can be used as a support for all of the workouts of the type Bars legs, but also for dips or stretching.

Find out how to get the legs and buttocks, firm, practice with a chair.

Trains chest, shoulders and triceps using only two chairs

Get the buttocks firm by using a common broom is quite simple. Shows us how to make the personal trainer Umberto Miletto in this video workout for legs and buttocks.

Stretch the muscles with the aid of a broomstick can be a good idea. How to do it?

Placed in the feet with the legs wide apart. Firmly grasp the handle of the broom and push it upwards, stretching well back, and arms. Continue piegandovi to the right stretching the left side of the body, from the waist up to the hand that holds the stick. Return to the center and repeat on the other side.

At the end of your workout don't forget to do a little stretching, it will help to reduce recovery time and lengthen the muscles.

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