Training at home: the mistakes not to make and the workouts more effective


Published on Apr 09, 2020


Training at home: the mistakes not to do to avoid frustrating the effects or, worse, injuries. After years of training at home, I realized that, especially at the beginning, I would have been useful a few pointers for starting off on the right foot and get before the hoped-for results.

Achieve the weight, to lose weight, increase the mass of lean meat, do the recomposition of the body, increase strength, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle... these Are the most common goals for which people start to train. But why do exercises at home? The reasons are many, starting from the quarantine to combat the spread of the Covid-19 of lack of time or possibility to go to the gym.

But each goal requires a precise strategy and start without errors can help you have before the hoped-for results and, therefore, maintaining high motivation.

Let's see together the most common mistakes made by those who train at home!

Depending on the goal you want to achieve you need to implement a clear strategy. Essentially, with regard to nutrition,

In addition to the power supply it is important to choose the right type of training. Needless to starting with a workout that is too intense to get results, you risk to hurt yourself or to work too hard and give up everything. Choose the workout that best suits your needs:

Only two notes that may be useful to you:

If you want to start on a path to lose weight, it is important to monitor the situation from time to time to see if what you're doing is right for you or if there is a need to make some change. Attention, however, I said every time! Not mean to make him step on the scale or to expect immediate results. It takes time to change and it is not necessary to have the claims of the absurd, or you run the risk of being disappointed and let go of everything. How to behave? At the beginning of the path, weighed, snap a photo and take measurements of your body. Repeat the operation at the end of a workout or at least after a month. But let's see in details:

Ok, there we are, you have established your goal, choose your workout, and marked weight and measures of departure. And now? Now it's time to workout, eat well and rest the right! It's that easy? No, it's not, I know. That's why I feel that I can give you some advice.

At this point, it only remains for me to wish you a good workout!


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