Trade war between Usa and China on duty. Trump: “Korea ready to act alone”

Published on Apr 03, 2017

Avoid a clash of customs tariffs with the Usa, which will inevitably lead to a trade war between the two major world powers. With unpredictable consequences for the entire planet. It is the number one goal of chinese president Xi Jinping on Thursday and Friday will be his first face-to-face with Donald Trump, after the beginning of the stormy relations between Beijing and the new administration in the united states. Trade war between Usa and China on duty. Trump: “Korea ready to act alone”. In the meantime, the american president warns China on the front of the North Korea: “If we don't help you and will not increase their pressure on the regime in Pyongyang, the United States will act alone,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times, pointing out how America is ready to decide, “unilateral action” to eliminate the nuclear threat the north Korean. From rumors we know that all options are on the desk of the Oval office, including that extreme air raids. The rest of the west coast Usa feels threatened, and the same Barack Obama before the handover has warned Trump about how Pyongyang is at the moment, the danger to national security. Between the two leaders, who will meet to-day, however, those who have the ideas more clear seems at the moment Xi, who arrived in Palm Beach in the ‘White House of Winter’ Mar-a-Lago, with a clear plan: put on the pot, new chinese investment in the Usa. Investments of several billion dollars, especially on those infrastructure projects that Trump wants to raise to create jobs and modernize the Country. One trillion dollars in ten years. And this is the plan that the american president should submit by the end of the year. The supply of Beijing would have a certain advantage: that of allowing Trump to show the americans a tangible and immediate of his repeated pressures and threats on the face of the duties. Also because of them – agree almost all observers of american – the tycoon has not been identified the strategy to follow vis-à-vis China, a prisoner also of the divisions existing within its staff. But to ensure other chinese investment in the Us (last year alone amounted to $ 45 billion) for Xi is only the second move of a plan more complex, which started even before the settlement of the tycoon in the White House and which provides for a maneuver wrap-around family Trump. By focusing on the people closest to the president's daughter Ivanka, who does business in China with his fashion line, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Behind-the-scenes. It is to the latter that the president has given the task of weaving the ranks of the relations with Beijing, demolishing and marginalizing the secretary of State's Rex Tillerson. And it is precisely Kushner that the establishment of china considers the key to enter into the heart of the White House, in the Oval office. And if Tillerson was in Beijing to prepare the ground for the visit of Xi, in fact, behind the scenes would be really Kushner and the chinese ambassador in Washington, Which Tiankai at work on the final declaration of the meeting in Florida. With the two that have begun to work closely with his elbow since the phone call Trump the Eleventh of last February. Call organized to mend the tear caused by the tycoon that, by accepting a phone call by the leader of Taiwan, had questioned the policy the us to recognize only one China, followed since the time of Kissinger. (ANSA)

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