Top 5: the best Power-Bank, 2017!


Published on Oct 31, 2017


The power bank are the accessories which have become indispensable for those who often travel or mobility for work, so you'll never be dry if it lacks an outlet at your fingertips. But what are the best products on the market at the moment? Here is our Top 5 of the best power bank in 2017.

Let's start with the battery, RAVPower with the AC port, a product that is versatile and powerful. Talk about a power-bank that works like a real wall outlet is available in the mobility. The battery design is rather simple, with rounded edges and a soft-touch finish.

This is not a battery light, compact and thin, but for what its dimensions are more consistent. It is one of the most useful and interesting in the landscape is already saturated with classical batteries able to recharge your smartphone, tablet and computer with USB port-C.

Speaking of technical specifications, are on this battery RAVPower doors more useful, all available and functioning at the same time. The ports available are two USB technology iSmart 2.4 To a USB-C with 3A maximum output and an AC port capable of supporting a maximum of 100W/220V (85W rated) to 0.9 A. The capacity of the battery 27000mAh/99.9 Wh.

The product in question is available on Amazon at a price of 139,99€. If you want to deepen the discourse on the battery, you can read our full review.

We pass to another particular product, which is the classic power-bank but also from starter to motor vehicles. Then we speak of a product to be used in cases of emergency, not really comfortable to use in every moment, if only to recharge the iPhone, given its size and its weight. In essence it is a simple but very versatile power-bank, which is being sold with a carry case and all cables and clamps are necessary to its operation, is also able to start the car when the dry battery.

Level design and the battery is not extremely compact, but it is well made. There are two USB ports, a connector to be used to start the car and the connector for charging of the battery. There is also a emergency torch multi-function integrated that is capable of simplifying the operations of charging even at night or in low light conditions and alert other motorists and/or relief. This power-bank is 18000mAh (66.6 Wh), able to ensure without any problems several recharges of the smartphone and provides a lot of energy to recharge many other devices.

If you are interested in the product in question, we inform you that the battery is available on Amazon at the price of 54,99€. Here is the link for the purchase. If you want to deepen the subject, you can find here our complete review.

We continue in our article and let's talk about the external battery for the Apple Watch UGREEN. Particular signs? The peculiarity of the external battery in question is the presence of the famous magnetic holder that allows charging of Apple Watch.

This product is compact and lightweight, easy to carry, and also integrates a USB port for charging emergency a smartphone or other device. The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2200mAh, it has a CE mark and the trademark “Made for Apple Watch“. The LEDS indicate the state of charge of the same. In case of need you can connect and recharge at the same time the Apple Watch and another device. Great for those who are often out and want to bring a little charge to use in case of need. The capacity of 2200mAh, in fact, can not certainly guarantee more charges for smartphones, but for Apple Watch is more than enough.

This product is available on Amazon at a price of 39,99€. If you want to deepen the discourse, here we enclose our full review.

Dodocool has created a very attractive product. It is a battery-ultra-slim and compact, which allows us to recharge our devices everywhere. The power-bank is really small, so you can get in a portfolio and then be ready for the occurrence. And then no more because the cable is already integrated.

In fact, hidden in the upper part of the product is housed, a cable micro-USB directly inserted inside the battery. It follows that, just lift it up and connect it to a device equipped with such a port and start charging. But if we have an iPhone with a connection to Lightning? Don't be afraid. Also in this case, the ce solution offers the same powerbank thanks to a handy adapter to the Lightning connector integrated directly within the product.

In addition, this battery is certified MFi, therefore, is fully compatible with the iPhone, in addition to complying with all safety standards.

If you are interested, you can buy the Powerbank of Dodocool via Amazon for the price of 20,99€. If you want to deepen the discourse on this battery you can read our full review.

The external battery PowerCore II Anker is one of the most classic and standard that we see in this article. Has no special markings, but has a great ability to recharge the devices. It comes in a case of black color, made of plastic of good quality, with logo Anker in the top and the bottom.

The battery has 3 USB ports equipped with the technology PowerIQ for fast charging on the devices that are compatible. The capacity is 20,000 mAh of power, and there are 2 ports micro-USB cable that can be used simultaneously for charging of the product. Thanks to the capacity of 20,000 mAh, and can recharge an iPhone 7 up to 6 times and an iPad up to 2 times. The devices equipped with technology of fast charging can be loaded in a time even shorter. Among other things, the battery can also be used to recharge a MacBook 12 or MacBook Pro with USB port-C.

The PowerCore II is a great portable battery, classic, that uses a series of functions to make life easier for users who need to recharge their devices even when they are out of the house/office. The power bank classic for excellence, available at 35,99€ on Amazon.

This was our discussion on the power bank, in order to help you choose which one to buy to date, although some products are not very recent. It is also clear that on Amazon there are hundreds and that there are plenty of other valid products to report.

We will create other similar articles for other product categories, so pay attention to the next post so as not to lose your favorite category. If you have ideas on categories and products, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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