Tony Fadell: “Addiction to the iPhone, a problem that Apple must solve”


Published on Apr 16, 2018


The ex-engineer Apple's Tony Fadell, dubbed by many the “father of the iPod”, believes that the company has the responsibility to address the problem of the dependence on the iPhone.

Fadell believes that the companies that produce smartphones, the Apple in the first place, they should put the directions on the packaging of the devices, a bit like what happens with cigarettes or with certain foods:

When it comes to food, “digital”, we do not know if what we are using is a “vegetable”, a “protein” or “fat”. Can be “swallowed” by the one who is overweight or underweight? That aspect has a healthy life and moderate? I think that smartphone manufacturers and app developers should take on this responsibility, before they are governments that regulate this aspect.

And in relation to Apple:

I believe that in order to maintain and even increase their customer base, Apple can solve this problem at the level of the platform, allowing users to better understand how to use them to their devices. To do this, Apple should allow people to monitor their digital activity in detail and on all devices.

For example, Fadell would like users to be able to check how many hours they have spent on their smartphone, perhaps with functions that can limit the excessive use. Apple may also allow users to set their device to a mode that limits notifications in certain circumstances, and in an automatic way.

As reported by Bloomberg a few weeks ago, Apple is reportedly already working to similar functions that can help the people who spend too many hours on their iPhone. Some news in this sense it may arrive already with iOS 12.

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