Tonight, the Evening of Friends 19: the show will continue but it will not be easy


Published on Mar 13, 2020


Tomorrow, when we'll talk about what happened in the episode of Friends 19 broadcast on march 13, 2020 we will have to be less indulgent. The time for criticism is past, and forgive also some unpleasant things too. It will not be easy for the whole team of Friends go on the air today, in the midst of the total chaos of an Italy that, in silence, remains in the house. Yet for some, the show must continue and Maria de Filippi, will try to bring a breath of lightness with the talent. But it will not be a simple smile, a joke, with the fear that a gesture wrong can put you at risk, maybe just the guys.

And you will change a lot over the last week, because last Friday to today, things have changed.

The past week there was a whole other climate. It is true there was the audience, but it went ahead between handshakes, duets, meetings, choreography. Today, everything changes because “distant but close” is better. Today you change because that step two will not be possible, because you will not be able to rejoice with a hug given to a friend, because Mary will have to stay away from his boys, who will leave the firm at the end of the episode.

And behind the cameras, we will see operators in the mask, the microfonisti, the authors. All the work they do because the show must continue, but with the nightmare of the infection because the invisible enemy is really everywhere.

And the boys, at the time protected in their bug, and the houses of Friends, know what is happening outside. Were reassured, too, as is the case for the competitors of the GF's relatives who have encouraged them to go forward to achieve their dream. But of course, the mood is not one of those who can raise to heaven the cup happy. There will be applause, the smiles will condition. The lights will be on but will turn off more quickly towards a reality out there that we probably still are not aware.

Today, our thanks to those who go forward, because it is also the example in these things. With the hope that everyone, from the guys at the last make-up artist, is safe, and not risk anything. Because the health, it must come before the show.

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