Tomorrow's crucial clash salvation for the Luino-Maccagno against the Gerenzanese

Published on Mar 11, 2017

The Luino-Maccagno tomorrow afternoon will play a game of fundamental importance for his season, in the clash salvation at home against the Gerenzanese. Guests occupy the last position in the standings, that they would condemn in the mathematical relegation, while the boys of De Berardinis-four-lengths advantage. The kick-off is at 14.30, at the sports centre of the Park Margorabbia of Luino. Tomorrow's crucial clash salvation for the Luino-Maccagno against the Gerenzanese. Tomorrow He and his companions will not be permitted errors in the crucial challenge of the season against the Gerenzanese, which is currently in last place of Group A in the First Category of Lombardy. Guests in their last five matches, have won only two points and the luinesi must be good at taking advantage of this black period of the opponents. Holders will return to the Roman camp, while Cannucciari will be absent after the shot taken on Sunday in the 1-0 victory against the Cas Sacconago. They are not the best to Diana and Bosetti, who, however, will be of the race. The way He and his companions had been defeated, but after the recent good performance, the Luino-Maccagno has regained confidence in their own means. And it is from here that you must start trying to win three vital points for the championship. A possible victory for the children of the De Berardinis could mean a lot, also looking at the other games: the Union of Three Valleys will host the Mozzatese, while the Viggiù will face at home in the Antoniana and Saronno Robur will be on stage at Arsago Serpio. 24th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Arsaghese – Saronno Robur, Cas Sacconago – Guanzatese, Fagnano – Belfortese, Luino, Maccagno – Gerenzanese, Union Three Valleys – Mozzatese, Valceresio Audax – Solbiatese, Vanzaghellese – Gorla Maggiore, Viggiù – Antoniana. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 54, Valceresio Audax 48, Belfortese 47, Fagnano, Gorla Maggiore and Arsaghese 41, Cas Sacconago* 36, Anthony and Vanzaghellese 30, Solbiatese and Union the Three Valleys 23, Mozzatese 21, Viggiù, 20, Luino-Maccagno and Saronno Robur 17, Gerenzanese 13. (* game, ** two fewer games)

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