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Published on Jan 30, 2018


Tomino and his brother Katan are in the hands of the impresario Won, which divides them: Tomino, in fact, being sent out by Elise, the girl octopus, for her company, given that the little girl is exploited by a religious cult fraudulent; Katan, however, that you is burned to a show gone wrong, is sent on an island where it is subjected to a terrible experiment for it to become a baby in the box. Finally, then, it is revealed a little more of the special relationship that binds the two twins since their birth.

The volume two of Tomino The Damned does not depart from the themes which we have become accustomed Suehiro Maruo, which, remember, is one of the leading exponents of the cultural movement called ero guro, who devoted himself to the exploration of the deviant, the bizarre and the ridiculous, and that since the war has influenced the various fields of japanese culture.

In this volume, however, the two typical characteristics of the genus, namely, the component in the erotic and the grotesque, are balanced, the net advantage of the second: the sex scenes, in fact, are only hinted at. On the contrary, the component of the grotesque, because of the events that are happening at Katan on the island in which it is posted, becomes predominant, failing to amaze and always creating new situations to the limit.

If in the first volume Maruo has provided us with an accurate description of Tokyo in the Thirties, by inserting specific references to the fashions of the time, in the second volume concentrates mainly on the characters and their stories, not only the protagonists, but also the other members of the companions of the Won, that is divided; but, precisely for this reason, the plot gets an advantage and is enriched with new elements. But the bottom line of the author's thought does not change: the company remains an island formed by the group of freak, that, in spite of physical defects, are the only ones to have a healthy relationship between them. Also here it seems even more that Maruo tent really an imaginary line between children and adults that fail to establish relations sincere between them, with some exceptions, which seem to be represented for now by the one-Utagawa Utako.

The stretch of Maruo is still characterized by soft lines and clean, as well as a striking elegant building of the pages.

In spite of the price not really for all, with a volume of 160 pages, the praise that we have done for the Italian edition of Coconino Press-Fandango for the first volume of the history deserve to be repeated, having the publishing house retained all of the qualities of the edition, including a quality paper. The cover remains of the cardboard, but it remains solid enough even if it must be treated with some care.

Also in this volume the characters of the show were not translated in order not to spoil the original setting of the tables, ricorrendosi notes in the margin. Unfortunately, we have to note that also in this volume has not been inserted, no useful to frame the context in which the story takes place.

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