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Published on Aug 12, 2019


A woman, a famous actress of the horror, leaves the twins just born to the care of the family of his brother, but Miso and Soy Sauce, these are the names of the two children grow up experiencing abuse and harassment from their family until the latter don't sell them to the impresario of a theatre for shows Misemono, attractions, exotic and bizarre. Lost in the quarters of pleasure the two guys are welcomed with much affection by the group of the unfortunate attractions of them government changed soon Tomino and Katan, attractions, with which, for the first time in their lives the twins are finally happy.

However, shortly after, the two brothers are separated against their will: the manager Won ordered Tomino to accompany the girl octopus Elise, of which she becomes a friend, at the headquarters of a religious cult as fraudulent, while Katan, unfortunately, reports of serious burns and wounds during a performance and is conducted in a remote island. Thanks to the help of Aya, a girl who lives on the island where now is to stay, Katan heals from the burns suffered, and attempt an escape to save himself; Tomino, instead, in spite of the friendship of Elise, is tormented by the solitude which surrounds it, and the distance from his brother, who believes not will review more. As if that weren't enough, a fire destroys the theatre of the Misemono, but to help the guys get the actress Utako Utagawa, who has abandoned his career and takes them with him.

As you probably remember, Suehiro Maruo is one of the leading exponents of the cultural movement called ero guro, face in the different fields (including of course the comic) exploration of the deviant, the bizarre and the ridiculous, also through the description of an erotic component.

In this volume, however, Maruo is a confirmation of what already seen in volume two, which is the almost abandonment of the erotic component in favour of the grotesque, that becomes, because of the events that happen to the boys who once frequented the circus, the vehicle through which the author manages to fascinate the reader, with bizarre situations, and often very harsh.

Also in this volume, in fact, the attention only focuses on the personal stories of the protagonists, not only the twins, but all the guys that are facing a new life, the more “normal”, but that will always have to deal with the distrust of the people. Not to mention that not all the guys have had a lot favourable, and some of them, abandoned a family who loved them, cannot help but fall even more in the darkness of their existence. But the hope is given precisely by this new nucleus formed by people who the people despise in everyday life, but which between them have a peaceful relationship and happy.

This sweetness is well reflected in the pages of the manga, which thanks to soft lines and clean, and tells us a story about raw, but that seems suspended in a dream-like dimension.

The Italian edition of Coconino Press-Fandango proves to be at the height of the published work, with quality paper that makes the most of the tables. The cover, always of cardboard, is sturdy enough even if the risk of bending is around the corner. Also in this volume you you retain the choice not to translate the onomatopoeia, leaving the original setting of the tables, using a less intrusive notes in the margin. As in previous volumes, even in this no-depth, unfortunately. Which is a shame, given that one of the most appreciated features of the works published by the Coconino is to have the editorial interesting that help to frame the work.

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