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Published on Jul 17, 2018


Reboot of the film franchise, which in the early 2000's wore the face of Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider Roar Uthaug follows in the spirit of the version of the Square Enix video game focuses on the adventures of Lara Croft: arrived in 2013, the new saga video game of its time reboot of the original series – saw him as a protagonist Lara younger, less experienced and still have to wean from the point of view of the adventures spericolare bar, adrenaline bar is mortally dangerous; in this sense, the Norwegian filmmaker succeeded in showing to the public the origin story of the new Lara, thanks especially to the interpretation of the academy award winner Alicia Vikander.

The film, far from perfect, manages to dodge the curse of the film adaptations inspired by video games (which, historically, have given to the public a series of creeps), and even is enjoyable for most of its running time. It will be that for the most part Uthaug and his writers Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons limited to mindlessly copy one of the best adventure movies of all time (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Steven Spielberg: the points in common between the two works are wasted), but Tomb Raider manages to not regret the price of the ticket. And the home video dvd version is even better.

Edition 4K Ultra HD, in addition to offer as usual two versions of the movie (a 4K, with a photograph by the colors much more intense and more realistic thanks to the HDR, the other in the normal blu-ray disc) allows the fans of the saga to literally experience the cinematic experience created by Warner Bros. and Roar Uthaug, providing a lot of extras and special content that go and explore both the making of the film, is the iconic figure of his protagonist, from his birth (1996) to the present.

The documentary Lara Croft: Evolution of an Icon, tells us, in fact, the publishing history (including film, comics and especially video games) Lara, investigating the reasons that have made it one of the female characters the most popular and successful of all times; Croft Training, instead, accompanies us along the long and fun process of training where the leading actress Alicia Vikander has had to undergo to learn to move like the character that he played while the extra Uncovered consists of a series of interviews with the cast and various members of the crew who explain to us the various difficulties – and great fun – behind the making of the film. Finally, in the last special content, Breaking Down The Rapids, the director Roar Uthaug explains his approach to the filming and most of all the realization of some of the sequences the most spectacular of the opera.

In addition to the special content, the strong point of this edition of the home-video is definitely the sector video, that if blu-ray is already above average for the quality of the image and clarity of the colors, in 4K Ultra HD enhances both photographically that colour, offering a level of incredible detail both in the close ups and in long shots, emphasizing the faces, the clothes and especially the environments, and offering a glance spectacular.

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