Tom King to free wheel on Heroes in Crisis and Batman


Published on Jul 24, 2018


The panel begins with the King and the illustrators that they are joking and remember that the previous evening he and Mitch Gerads have won a Eisner award. King said that he expected that the people “threw something” after Batman #50, having expected a negative reaction from them, and instead had the support of the fans.

King has spoken of the press event on Friday in which he discussed the themes of Heroes In the Crisis, including his own trauma.

Compared with Mister Miracle to this, saying that it was inspired by the examine the most difficult moments of his life. It was revealed on the cover of Gerads for Mister Miracle #11, with Darkseid, who has taken you by the hand the son of Scott Free. In Mister Miracle, Darkseid gave Scott an ultimatum – get everything that he wants from him in exchange for his son.

King has questioned the public on the future of Batman and how he may have reached the end of his run, receiving only a timid reaction to the possibility that the marriage will arrive sooner or later. He then joked, going back to Batman #50, saying that the key to emotional to understand the problem is “never to speak to the fucking New York Times!”.

For Batman, it promises to be a really dark, and he had to find a new way for Bane to break Batman – country heart.

The writer has defined Gerads and Mann his best friends in the comics and he added that he appreciates the humanity which they bear in their art; but he also spoke of his current collaborator of Batman, Lee Weeks, describing him as the best artist of Batman in this time, comparing him to Mazzuchelli.

Dick Grayson is back in the cast of Batman after the separation of Bruce and Selina. Therefore, Batman #54 of September, will analyse in deep the relationship between Dick and Bruce (with art by Matt Wagner), and the attempt of the first one to console Bruce as he did when Grayson lost his parents.

The next arc narraivo will include KGBeast. “And there are also mummies!”. The mummies were a request of Tony Daniel, who wanted to draw King Tut, but for a problem of rights on the character of Batman will fight with the Phantom Pharaoh, “A creation that is completely original that is not King Tut!”.

King spoke of the Heroes In Crisis. The initial concept of the King for the first cover was a simple image of a hand holding a bird – but then Mann has designed the actual cover with about 80 characters.

Heroes In Crisis, the focus will be on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as Harley Quinn and Booster Gold.

King said that he chose Booster and Harley because they were offered by DC as characters that may be subject to change in the course of history – to become the heroes of the first floor. The creator of Booster Gold, Dan Jurgens, told King that the Booster is not stupid – it makes only errors. “The hero is the most well-intentioned of the DC universe.”

He studied Harley's talking to the cosplayers of Harley, from whom he learned that a large part of the attraction of the Harley is that it is a survivor in a violent relationship. Mann will draw the main story on the Heroes In Crisis, while Gerads will take care of the parts of the appendix that will give a closer look at the characters of the outline.

Heroes In Crisis is set in Sanctuary, a refuge, a therapeutic, in which the heroes can process the trauma and experiences of their lives in a violent way. The symbol has been designed by Clay Mann and is based on the first version of the symbol of the shield of Superman. Mann said that even his twin brother Seth has helped design the logo. The logo will appear on the pins that some heroes will be wearing starting in the next few months on their series and will indicate that they were at Sanctuary.

Making a reference to Alan Moore, King said that the secret of the stories is “Take the previous experiments, combine them, and then riseparali”.

A fan asked if David (her now-famous bodyguard) was there for the King, after “he killed Wally West” Heroes In Crisis. “Who said I'm doing this? I mean, maybe yes,” joked King, who took in turn (?) the fan with the death of a Flash for the whole weekend. “There will be death, and there will be redemption,” concluded King so enigmatic.

King said that Hal Jordan is the character the most fun that he has written in the comics.

Clay Mann wants to bring The Ghost (antagonist of Batman in an animated film arrived in Italy too) as in the comics, eliciting a thunderous applause. King has promised that he will include in a screenplay after hearing the response of the public.

Here is the cover of Matt Wagner for BATMAN#54:

It was then revealed the cover of Heroes In Crisis #2 which shows Harley Quinn choking Batman with the lasso of Wonder Woman.

“I asked Clay to design the signal of the bat and a domino mask (like that of The Spirit, to understand each other)!” says King. “I don't know what it is,” jokes Mann.

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