Tom King and Jason Fabok are working on a series about Rorschach?


Published on Oct 01, 2017


A few days ago reported two mysterious tweets of the quotatissimo the current writer of Batman and Mister Miracle – Tom King and artist Jason Fabok.

Eccoveli again:

Sneak peek at a new (secret) thing.

— Tom King (@TomKingTK) September 26, 2017

Working on a secret project with a secret writer....Here's a secret sneak peak! Lots of SNOW!

— Jason Fabok (@JasonFabok) September 26, 2017

With very few details available is CBR to launch a fascinating hypothesis that the two we are working on a series with the protagonist, Rorschach.

CBR bases its assumptions on the only detail that is provided by Fabok: the snow. And in the midst of snow, in fact, that in the graphic novel the character is disintegrated by Doctor Manhattan.

It is possible that the Rorschach – or at least a small part of it – survived and that the one part might go in life – an expedient already used by DC to resurrect Green Arrow – and then take part to the Doomsday Clock of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

It will be the King and Fabok tell this return with a mini-series connected to it? with stories of this appendix, or maybe with something that will be published after the series of Johns?

However, this is a dangerous operation on the part of DC Comics – as the whole Doomsday Clock – also saw the poor luck of the operation Before Watchmen a few years ago.

What do you think?

Tom King and Jason Fabok are working on a series about Rorschach? is




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