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Published on Mar 20, 2020


Not enough, in the circumstances pernicious of these days to free up our time, and in many ways our minds from our daily lives, it was also the most awaited news of this offseason the NFL. Tom Brady, six-time champion of the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, has first of all declared that he will not return to Foxborough and then chose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his new professional adventure. Adventures, pirates, the beautiful play of words.
In this period of time, we are not able to get us to slip him the news, and then in the last two days many questions cloud our minds around this double news. Nothing we can do, so let's begin.

The hypothesis most popular is that the Patriots have not committed 100% to improve the supporting cast of the number 12; when the 3-times MVP has seen it go away the first two or three guns like DeAndre Hopkins and Amari Cooper, he decided that there was more to Foxborough for the chance to win.

Probably New England knows that Tom Terrific is terrific. It is not the one that he wore at the Super Bowl Brandon LaFell, for one thing. It is not one that can wait to the last thousandth of a second, before getting rid of the ball to allow even the worst of his WR to give him an option. For the Patriots the bad numbers, Brady in 2019 correspond to the truth about its technical condition.

Because he has not won 6 Super Bowl, simplistically. The most profound reason is the extreme difference in the media between the two characters. Tom is (was) a womanizer, unrepentant, that has turned a little bit of modeling before starting with the richest of all, and crystallize a perfect life that is more envied that admired. Brees is a good christian, and that envy is admired. The former Boilermaker does not sell newspapers, because the only history that the average user is american wants to hear is his faithfulness to the Saints. Drew is useless to the tabloids, Brady is immensely. Then, and I can raise some doubt here on your part, according to me these here already knew that Brady had been at “loggerheads” with New England.
History riding against the absence of history.

Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson. These are all quarterbacks who can lead their respective teams to the Super Bowl, but one of them have already done so. The scenario in front of the 42-year-old from San Mateo is completely different compared to the youngest (then) rival. Wherever he would go, Peyton made his a team to the Super Bowl. The same, even if only for the competition, can't be said for his friend Tom.

The opinion of those who wrote there is “not the first year”. Take the previous list: see the Bucs beat the Packers, the Saints, the Seahawks, the 49ers? But after two offseason with Brady as QB to attract the attention of many players on the gulf of Mexico probably yes.

Response number 1. Tampa Bay has two strong receiver and two good tight end. The Supporting cast is the right answer, and applies also here. In addition, Brady hoped, or maybe he knows that the game of the Bucs will adapt to its characteristics. Expect numbers scary for Godwin, crazy against the zone, rather than to Mike Evans, who excels against the defense man-to-man. Cameron Brate will be a source of the game from the TE2. A junior Ronald Jones as a runningback he is.
Brady is convinced that Tampa “spinning” thanks to him, anyone on the train. But at least he knows that a good level of talent is there. Bruce Arians is old enough and encyclopedic to fit him also.

No, this is not. The E-P implies that the receivers (WR, RB, TE) are chosen – or polite – to communicate in a very particular way. Brady can't get in Florida, and to expect Evans to know what “Oregon” means to him. We are in the middle of march: Tom Brady, Bruce Arians will sit and decide together how to play, exactly as they did Peyton Manning and Adam Gase in Denver. It will not be a problem, but it will surely be more difficult than winning in New England with the suitable ingredients around him.

I think it is very diseducato answer a question with another question. But I grant you.
If Belichick put Stidham as a QB and not win the Super Bowl in the first two years after Brady, however Brady did in Tampa, what would you think? Here we compare pears and apples. The collaboration between the two has ended, but the risk is much more Brady.
Another question: if Tampa Bay is to behave “well”, confirming his best players and putting the 12 in a position to win (concept of the aleatory that you will forgive me), what would you think of Tom if it was a hole in the water? I tell you this: that was a system-QB that belonged to Belichick and that far from Boston has done nothing.
For this, I had not thought to leave the Massachusetts , because it has nothing to gain. Only be the second quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams. Good luck.

It's called pliability, is the ability of muscles to react to stresses in a reasonable time, while avoiding injury or excessive stress. Must be trained in part, by dedicating time and resources. Brady is the youngest 42-year-old ever because it is a pioneer of the piiability. There he founded a sports center, and often has convinced his teammates to follow some of his recommendations.
Do you remember the scandal, or the appearance of such, that it involved the Patriots, and the friend of his coach a few years ago, came out on ESPN? Behold, the one. While we were talking, he would earn time and become the most durable athlete ever.

Tom Brady has never been the first of the class, was not a child prodigy, was an all-American and it made me laugh at his Combine. The college divided the field with Drew Henson. Starting from this scenario, he has won 6 Super Bowl, participated in 9, won 3 title of MVP of the regular season in the NFL, 4 of the MVP of the Super Bowl. He married the model highest-paid in the World and there are those who say that the trophies of the city of Boston after the first of the Patriots (3 for the Red Sox, 1 for the Bruins and Celtics) are even, a little, about her.
If we realize this we will realize also why we question what is happening in these hours is more a product of boredom CoronaVirus, rather than a real, interesting, exercise.

He has done all this, we could simply trust and wait for his choice give its fruits. And when not, they will be happy, the same for giving us, the end of his career, something to talk about. For annoiarci a little less.




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